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60+ Awesome Activities to Do With Your Kids

by (c) 2019 Jen Brown at Hobby Help

In search of a new activity to enjoy with your kiddos?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect family hobby, or you just need a respite from the monotony of a tiring weekly schedule, I’ve ventured out with my own fam and found 62 awesome activities I believe every family will enjoy. This list is particularly helpful for families stuck in a routine rut, and for those breaks throughout the school year that sneak up on all of us parents. (read the rest here).....

Biofeedback vs Menopause

by (c) 2019 Kathryn Whittaker at FREE Relieve Menopause Newsletter

Chiropractor treatment is an alternative remedy that can be effective at providing relief from physical symptoms suffered during menopause. Although many women have success with this treatment, others have found success with another drug-free therapy known as biofeedback. What is biofeedback? Biofeedback is a technique that teaches an individual to consciously control their body's involuntary responses including blood pressure, temperature, muscle contractions, heart rate and brain waves. A person receiving biofeedback is hooked up electronically to machines so their physiological process can be monitored and relayed back to the person as a tactical, auditory, or visual signal. How can biofeedback help women during menopause? Read more


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