The Top 10 Networking Tips for Success

The Top 10 Networking Tips for Success
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Whether you've moved to a new city, just started a business or are at that point of growing your business, building a community with lots of connections is essential for your personal and business evolution. Remember that networking isn't about instant gratification - its about long term success! Relationships -- business and personal --time to develop!

Home business owners have an added reason to network. If you don't get out of the house, isolation and the longer term effects of isolation, depression, may set in.

Still not convinced about the rewards of networking? Many associations offer members group rates on health and liability insurance, etc.

    1. Take a class. Get out an enjoy yourself. Take classes that has nothing to do with your business -- just for the fun of it You can always tell the people you meet, when they ask, what type of business you're engaged in later.

    2. Start a group - either social or business. Looking to make more women friends? Start women's group. Want to meet more singles? Start a singles group. Want to walk? - Start a walking group, etc. etc. etc.

    3. Teach what you love! Design a continuing education type of class. Contact your local colleges, Department of Parks, YMCA, library, non-profit organizations and look for other opportunities in your local newspaper.

    4. Get out there and speak! Find a group you enjoy attending, or that your ideal client attends, and volunteer to be a speaker. A few international service groups are:
    Rotary International, Order of the Elks,
    Kiwanis International, and the Lions Club International
    Read a book or listen to a cassette about networking and presentations. View my recommended networking books list at

5. Network in a bowl Find the place your ideal client visits. Buddy with the store owner and place a networking bowl, business cards, etc. in that store. Reciprocate For more information on networking in a bowl, go to

6. Visit a few groups.
When you find a networking group, you can visit the group a few times before you join. Also, when you find the group's phone number, make phone contact, then ask if the person can meet you at the meeting. This way you'll know someone. Some international networking groups are:

    Business Network International
    Lead's Clubs

7. Contact Your Local Chamber of Commerce
Chambers of Commerce are wonderful to join and they usually have a book of members that they'll send you. Besides joining one, they usually know about other local networking groups.



    All Countries:

8. National Groups
Look for groups to network with that are within your own industry and for groups that might not be in your own town -- expand your horizons. National Association for the Self-Employed

9. Women's Organizations

    USA States

    By Country
    National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
    American Business Women's Association ABWA
    Business and Professional Women's Association BPW
    Canadian Home Based Business Mom's
    Working Women List of Associations

Check with your state or country's equivalent of:
Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises

10. Websites Lists of Associations

    Women's Enterprise
    Smart Biz
    USA General Administration Services Web Site
    Parry Aftab & Nancy L. Savitt, ESQ Resources
    Nothern Arizona University Web Site
    Business and Professional Women
    Air Force Small Business On-Line
    International Publication of Publications
    USA Small Business Administration

This piece submitted by Maria Marsala, Life & Business Coach, who can be reached at, or visited on the web. Maria wants you to know: I love coaching business owners who are looking to start or grow their businesses! Visit my site and enjoy the articles I've written especially for you or join a business success group starting soon



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