5 Easy Steps to Overcoming Any Obstacle

5 Easy Steps to Overcoming Any Obstacle
by Julie Ginn,CPA

Any prize worth having is the one that costs the most to win.

If you will, take a moment to reflect on some of your Best memories. Where you felt the joy of accomplishment. Or some long-cherished dream finally happened for you. It may have been a quiet moment. On the other hand, perhaps your achievement gave you some public recognition. Whatever it may be, chances are it asked more of you than you ever ask of yourself.

The Olympian in You
The greater the accomplishment, the greater the opposition to be faced. Certainly the best example of this is the Olympics. The drama of the Olympics is found within the challenges faced by the athletes. They overcome incredible odds to be selected for the competition. We love the Olympians because they dare to believe in their dreams. They surpass their limitations.

Gold has been won and lost over a fraction of a second. Winning means honing even the slightest edge. Your obstacle is here to elevate you. It's asking you to refine and hone the talents you already have, and put them to the test. You may even need to develop a new talent to finally meet your goal.

The challenge is to open your mind to the greater possibilities in store for you. This is the message of an obstacle. When you know the secret of obstacles you will find the means to dig deep inside and meet any resistance with confidence.

Obstacles ask your mind to open up and become more flexible. To think in new ways. To consider a possibility never before imagined. The one not yet conceived until you open your perspective a notch more.

Innovation is the Result of Resistance
Every invention enjoyed today comes from some obstacle. Obstacles inspire the desire to solve a dilemma. New breakthroughs are born from a question that starts out like this; "How can I make such and such happen?" This is the kind of question that seeks to Improve, make easier, heal, solve, simplify, overcome, and explore.

Challenges ask you to become a new person, to open your creativity. There is a puzzle to solve, but solving it doesn't have to be beyond your reach. It doesn't have to be a terrible struggle. It can be a time filled with growth and new adventure-and winning. You do have what it takes!

The Wall
Time after time your resolve will come under deep scrutiny. Why continue? Why not just abandon the whole idea or project?

An obstacle can appear like a brick wall set across your entire path. Resistance can bring moments of deep discouragement. For many people, reaching the wall is a huge "drop-out" point. That's mainly because the resistance often inspires confusion and doubt. It's the belief that an obstacle is saying your goal isn't meant for you. Avoid the disappointment. You'd be much more reasonable to drop your pursuit and take it all a little easier.

So the true key to obstacles is this. Any obstacle is a block in the path ONLY AS YOU CURRENTLY KNOW IT. Realize there is a better way. Your obstacles are the call to search out for something better. They are asking you to move to higher ground-new territory.

Overcoming Obstacles . . .
With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

To do a quick switch in thinking, start to see any obstacle as a friend. Partner with your challenges to move proactively towards your goal. You'll find yourself relaxing into the moment and getting rid of stress. This is the means to find a better choice than the one you are currently considering. It's the opportunity to discover that life has a much better way than you could ever think up on your own.

Within You is the Power to Change the Dynamics
Any new challenge thrives on the environment as it currently exists. Imagine one of those big glass domes built to contain a carefully balanced ecology. Every factor has been set to a standard condition. These factors affect temperature, humidity, light, soil, plant and animal life.

Change the conditions and the ecology must also change. So build a new set of conditions around your obstacle.

Doing a few simple things will change the landscape in your mindset. The minute that you do this, you are actually creating fresh, exciting dynamics. It moves you out of any mental routine. And it moves the obstacles out of that routine also. Because the dynamics have shifted, new conditions will arrive that can help you with your challenge.

Here are a few very simple ways to
bring in new dynamics right away;


    1. Put the true power of definite time frames to work for you.
    In the business world, meeting goals within a prescribed time frame affects careers, jobs, profits and stock prices. Business plans thrive by deadlines and are serious business. They can really put on the pressure.

    But I want to present another picture of time schedules. Look around you for a minute if you will. Nothing stands still. Every part of life exists in constant action. Identifying a specific start and stop time is a very powerful principle of life. Because defined time frames are a call to greater action.

    Deadlines create a specific, if invisible, form. Once created, it becomes an empty vessel of time and space that must now be filled with something specific-your desired accomplishment. The dynamics of life will recognize this form and work with you to make sure it doesn't stay empty.

    So set a specific time frame for moving beyond the obstacle. Determine when you will start to seek out solutions. And decide on a reasonable time to complete the task. At that time, you'll have reached a satisfactory answer and put it into action. This is your commitment to be determined. You've put your own will on the line. This puts your own mindset into greater motion and asks for specific resolution.

    2. How to partner with the forces of nature.
    Respond to the resistance and move into the heart of your challenge. By partnering with obstacles-instead of against them-you have a greater chance for reaching your objectives.

    Here's why. Obstacles are saying the current method or option isn't the best fit. It's too small, too limited for your dream. Struggling with any obstacle really is simply trying to force conditions to fit into your already determined choices. This is going against the forces of nature.

    Deciding to clash head-on with an obstacle and wrestle it into the ground will make one thing crystal clear. An obstacle will only become stronger the more you tussle with it. That's because obstacles have great endurance. This bountiful energy only grows with the struggle.

    You're being asked to move out of the way. Seek to discover the something better that awaits you. Simply put, make a change. Challenges require you to stretch, to grow beyond where you are right now. This is how you become the person who can live out your dream. It helps bring you the life skills to not only meet your goal, but to sustain the fruits of that goal.

    3. Create new milestones to give you a greater edge.
    Even though you are striving for a particular outcome that is your perfect ideal, allow resolution to occur in phases. Work these phases into your start and stop time frames.

    When an obstacle seems firmly entrenched, consider this. Have alternatives in mind that you would be willing to accept as stepping stones. You may be shooting for a specific outcome. But if it's not quite within your reach, what can you put in place to fill the void while continuing to work on the ideal?

    I use this all the time when working with software technology. The perfect software solution fills every criteria I could ever want. But I've found time and time again that my ideal software may be too expensive or have too long a learning curve for the immediate need. So I research for one, two or even three different alternatives I could live with-if I had to-and still meet the stop time.

    This melts the power of an obstacle each and every time. It simply loses it's edge. You see, there is always a way. It's just a matter of finding it. It could be easy to find-or it could be hard to find. That all depends on you. Every time you practice one of these principles, the way gets easier.

    Something happens with this approach. The research brings new information about how to achieve the end result. It inspires you to keep adjusting your ideas. The answers then become much easier than you might originally realize.

    It's amazing how having alternatives in the back of your mind can change the dynamics. This immediately eliminates the stress of reaching perfection with your first go around. It means that you always feel as if you have another choice, another solution available to you at all times.

    This will undermine the power of the obstacle - which is seen as a block towards your ideal goal. Having no choices can make you feel limited. Limitations may require you to accept whatever it is you get. Having choices is a wonderful place to be. You'll never feel backed into a corner when you have more than one choice.

    4. Develop a greater clarity to break through hesitation.
    Buried within your challenge are dark holes. These are the areas filled with a lack of information and know-how. Shining the light of clarity into your obstacle will break it into smaller, easy to handle chunks. The vision will get clearer.

    In the midst of a challenge, ideas about what needs to be done may be vague. So take a closer look. Split the overall objective into smaller, easily defined functions. Then address each function one at a time. It will seem much more easy to accomplish. This can break through procrastination.

    Hesitation comes from lack of clarity. It is difficult to take action when you aren't sure what to do or how to do it. Here is where you will want to shorten the learning curve. No one person is an expert in all things. You can't possibly be expected to know all there is to know.

    However, you can develop one skill that will make up for any time when the answer isn't clear for you. It's amazing how few people will practice this one simple technique. Over and over again, someone will struggle with an unknown. They'll try to work within their limitations. If you reject this process and follow through with what I'm about to share, you'll project yourself beyond the scope of what most people ever manage to do. Here it is;

    Admit that there is more to find out about a topic than you currently know. However knowledgeable you are, there is still something new to learn. Accept that this is always true. The burden to know all there is to know is never on your shoulders.

    Your true task is to admit what you don't know.

    This is one of the most critical secrets of success you'll ever find. Those that succeed don't have to know all. In fact, they know they don't. That's one of their biggest formulas for success.

    Now, once you're comfortable with this idea, you can take the next step. Seek out an expert. Look for others who have worked hard to make this area their specialty. They are tops in their field of expertise. They write books or publish information on the Internet.

    Real experts have already gone so far in their field that they are looking for new challenges. They find enjoyment in sharing their hard-won knowledge with others.

    Get really good at researching for experts. Especially develop the knack for distinguishing the real expert from the want-to-be. And keep looking until you find the answers that truly satisfy your search. If it's a partial answer, if you find another question from the first answer, keep digging. Go a little further.

    When you finally know what specifically needs to be done and how to do it, hesitation will fade away. You'll move decisively forward.

    5. How Strong is Your Sense of Purpose?
    Realize that the propulsion of these dynamics comes from you - your focused intention. Your sense of purpose. Your determination and willingness to achieve these ends and see it through. It's your l evel of commitment that makes the difference.

    Applying any of these techniques without the determination to follow through won't bring the results you want. Wishy-washy intention will bring wishy-washy results. Strong intention brings strong results. Be strong, yet stay flexible to change.

    The key to this combination of strength with flexibility is in recognizing that the path to your goal is always adjusting. The track is filled with all the means of reaching your goal. It's HOW things are done. This is where you want to be flexible - about how your purpose is achieved. Because you'll keep finding better means for HOW to make your goal happen.

    Stay alert to recognize when the track is adjusting - by working dynamically with your challenges. Challenges are the adjustments. They also test your determination, asking you to get stronger.

    Step back and re-evaluate your direction and your sense of purpose. Does your goal truly express who you are and want to be? Is your heart really in the task? If so, your challenges are helping you to become the person who can fully live out your goal.

    If not, it's possible your challenges are here to ask you to look again-only closer this time. Is there another alternative for you? One you haven't considered before? This is something to look at for your milestone achievement, and even for the bigger picture. Just seek to get a little clearer vision- bring it into closer focus. Double check to see if your dream still holds true for you.

The Fail-safe Measure
The most valued prize is the one most difficult to come by. Anything too easily gained is also too easily tossed aside. Too easily not appreciated.

Life has a certain fail-safe measure. If by some chance you reach your goal but have not yet become worthy of it, it simply won't stay long. It will slip away. Meanwhile, you'll fear losing the prize without the ability to re-win what was lost. It will never feel entirely comfortable.

Success will never taste as sweet as it should. Arriving at your goal won't feel as rewarding as you thought it would. Instead, it may bring a sense of let-down and disappointment.

Any goal worth having will ask more of you than you've ever given before.

Obstacles expand the size of your accomplishments- and help you to win. When you've met your challenges you arrive. You live within the heart of your goal, and there is no fear of loss. Confidence will shine from within. You'll know--deeply know--that you could do it all again.

Article by Julie J. Ginn. Ms. Ginn is a CPA, marketing consultant, former CFO of a technology start-up company and author of a new e-book "Window of Soul". For more life-changing articles, subscribe to the free newsletter "Opening Windows" by going to www.firstmarketingworld.com

Copyright 2001 Julie J. Ginn