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Divorced?Widowed?Never-married? Doesn't matter why you're single, are you looking to recreate your life? Go ahead work on your mind, body, soul, and yes your career. Check out our Career section!

August 2008 editionThe Real You
Steve Goodier
The real you, the essence of you, cannot be improved by a bottle or a pill or a salon. Cherish the real you!

Change Your Mind Change Your Life
Johnny Cyreous
The greatest discovery is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind .

How To Develop Into A Better Tomorrow?
Mari Taylor

Learn how to improve both your personal and professional life by identifying the different areas of personal growth.

The Terrible Teens
Michelle Bery
Learn how to survive your child's teen years by being their parent and not their friend.

Why Gratitude Goes BEFORE Happiness And Abundance
Margie Waters
Gratitude felt before the happiness, before the manifestation of something we want, before the fulfillment of our dreams is a surprising idea, but in the energetic sense it's the most logical thing we can do.

Self Esteem for Women
Katrina Wilton
"Would you consider yourself someone with high self esteem, or low self esteem?" The natural reaction when asked a question like this may well be "high self esteem of course!", but the truth may paint a very different picture.

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