Single Woman's Conference

The Single Woman's Conference will take place at the Sponsor's site in Houston,Texas June 17-18,1999 at the beautiful Doubletree Hotel in Downtown Houston. The focus of this conference will be single women living in a culture of couples and marriage. It will have workshops on health, fitness , finances, dealing with depression,Interpersonal communications,assertiveness training and much more.

When a woman lives her life without a mate she's accepting full responsibility for her well-being and property and with conferences such as The Single Woman's Conference will be providing them with the necessary support for the singlular lifestyle while promoting independence. Being happy alone don't happen overnight for women, who are taught to seek lifetime companionships and when unsuccessful to feel like failures. We want women who may find themselves unwed by effort and or by coincidence to feel that they can live full and happy lives alone in this coupled society and we'll show them how.

For reservations mail certified check or money order of (US)$99 to St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston c/o Conference, POB 23111,Houston, Texas, 77228-3111. If you would like to purchase exihibition space please contact Rlynne at !


June 18 Intinerary

Company Level Sponsorship $2500**
-prominate placement of signs at event advertising the sponsor.
-the sponsor's logo and company name on all marketing materials and handouts related to event.
-the sponsor's logo and company name on all advertising (print,radio,etc) done to promote event.
-the sponsor will be listed on conference website as a sponsor.
-sponsor's ad will be included in the Spinsters Newsletter the months of June and July reaching 12,000 readers.
-sponsor's staff members are invited to attend conference.
-sponsor principals (owners,CEO's) will be publicly thanked and recognized at the conference and be able to give a brief speech to the group.
** Willing to barter for advertising (such as radio, billboard etc,,) make offer!

Patron Level Sponsorship $1500

-Inclusion on signage as minor sponsor.
-Sponsor will be recognized on conference website as a sponsor.
-will receive two months free advertising in the Spinsters Newsletter 12,000 monthly readers.

Welcoming Package $275-- If we're to make copies of coupons or advertisements.
- Inclusion of your company's coupons and advertisements in package given to conference attendees to promote patronage during and after conference.

Welcoming Package $75--If 200 coupons or advertisements are provided in advance by business.
6 feet by 8 feet Booth Space $250
8 feet by 8 feet Booth Space $300
Tickets $40

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