Why Gratitude Goes BEFORE Happiness And Abundance

Why Gratitude Goes BEFORE Happiness And Abundance

By Margie Waters

Does that sound backwards? Does it seem like it ought to be stated that once you are happy you can feel grateful? Sometimes turning our assumptions upside down brings insight and discovery. Gratitude felt before the happiness, before the manifestation of something we want, before the fulfillment of our dreams is a surprising idea, but in the energetic sense it's the most logical thing we can do.

How grateful are you? In this sense, I don't mean just saying thank you if somebody gives you a gift, or holds a door for you. That's just politeness, or social convention. Gratitude isn't words, it's emotion. It's an openness of heart to experience that lets your spirit flow out in a particular way. If you think of emotions as indicators of how you are expressing your spirit, you can see that these emotions tell a lot about where you're headed in your life - towards something great that you'll enjoy, or something not so good, that you won't enjoy. Learning to focus on emotions and seeing what they're telling you about your energy is an important step in learning to create the life you want. And learning to nurture and magnify the emotions that serve you is an equally important step.

So if gratitude isn't about words, what is it?

Gratitude is an emotional position that makes it easier to manifest those things that you want. This works in two ways. One is just that feeling a positive feeling like gratitude puts you in sync with things that you desire. By being in alignment with your desires, you make it a lot easier to attract them.

The other is that by expressing gratitude you adopt a posture of assuming that what you want is already here - how else could you feel grateful for it, if it weren't here? In this way you encourage it to move from the level of your spirit into your physical life. To do that you have to become the person who already has/is/does it. You have to become the finely tuned receiver of that thing. You have to step into the reality where you already have it. When you feel what that reality is like, to the core of your being, including the gratitude, that thing or experience can become a material reality. Once you do that with any consistency at all, events, situations and objects will begin to fall into place that reflect that new inner reality.

One of the best ways to begin this process is with gratitude. Gratitude expresses trust in the process. It makes a leap across time, and in a small way, puts us into the position of already having received that which we've asked for. This opens the energy circuits, so to speak, and allows that thing to come into material form.

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