Leather Spinsters Newsletter[ September 99 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter September 99 Edition

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    A. The Real World
    B. Do Advertisers See Us?

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The Real World

L ifeís not what I imagined it to be when I turned 35 itís better. I can recall in high school my friends and I sitting around talking about how our lives would be at 20, 25, and 35. Not one of us had living alone at 35 on our list but all four of us are unmarried. I find it fascinating how each one of us are dealing with this fact of life. One is chasing behind a married man, the other is involved in a relationship with another desperate woman (both failed at landing themselves men), the third one stays depressed and is on Prozac, and myself Iím thankful to have a quiet life.

It wasnít always quiet on the homefront for me, like them I had miserable relationships with insincere men and blamed myself when marriage didn't happen. I had a live-in boyfriend for five years and for five years he cheated without forethought or care of how it would affect me. After him I had two other men and both gave me hell with their lies,possessiveness, assaults, and mistrust of me. I had no idea why I attracted these types of men into my life but I knew I didnít want to dedicate a chunk of my life to finding out so I resigned myself to peace and quiet.

The hell we women put ourselves through and for what? I donít know how to answer that question anymore but Iím glad Iíve reached my ropeís end. My heart goes out to those women that think they have to put up with the bull crap from men. It goes back to how happy they are with themselves, they canít be too happy with themselves if theyíre settling for men that lie,cheat, and possess them. Written by Juleanne a 35 year old computer programmer in Katy,Texas.

The footsteps of those proud spinsters that have gone before and those that are soon to follow.

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Do Advertisers See Us?

Businesses are paying attention to demographics now more than ever before, why? Years ago companies blanket advertised, intended for no specific group just people with money. Yep this form of advertising worked but then the Civil Rights Movement came along demanding recognition of people of color by the government. Ad execs started seeing dollar signs when they realized there was money to be made by focusing attention on groups never targeted before.

After thirty-five years some companies are focusing their advertising and marketing dollars on permanently single men and women. What took them so long to decide to acknowledge the happily single persons of our culture?Could it be they thought like the rest of society, it was impossible for people to be happy unmarried, who knows but it's the MONEYthat's attracting them today!

For so long advertisers were focused on race, gender,social-econo class, and until the last six or seven years sexual orientation,inwhich, they lumped happily unmarried men and women in one or all of those demographics. Now with the demand of companies competing for the same customers the call has been harelded for more specialized marketing.

The ka-ching of disposable cash was heard by advertising agencies and now they remind their multi-billion dollar clients about this quiet seldom recognized segment of our culture who donít live by the same marital rules as the mainstream coupled World. Expect to see and hear more commercials directed at the ďIím not interested in settling downĒ group in the near future. La Quinta Inns and Chevrolet have already jumped on the bandwagon, actually theyíre the leaders, for over three years both companies saw the need to have advertising for the single woman consumer. So the answer to the question do advertisers see us is an astounding YES!

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Spinster Letters

I would like to comment on Yuncieís take on the movie ďWaiting to ExhaleĒ. I disagree with her about the plot of the movie, I saw it as four women learning to value themselves. The desperation that disgusted Yuncie was the trials of life those women went through but she must keep in mind it was those same trials that caused those women to grow in themselves.Eventually they saw the error in their ways and started to appreciate their lives. No I donít think the moral of the story is singlehood is bad instead I think it said ,Ēa person don't need to be validated by someone to be a full packageĒ. For those women they also received the gift of unbiased and supportive love of each other. Through thick and thin they gave honest support and for that I think the movie had a happy ending. Itís the kind of movie I would recommend single women see because it can serve as an opportunity for them to review their interactions with other women. 30,Scotti

I believe the time has come for women to throw away our copies of The Rules and be happy. Those women in Waiting to Exhale mustíve been reading The Rules because they didnít have self-esteem and were desperate to get a man by any means necessary. I canít speak for any of you but Iím tired of playing the mating dance and I no longer want to entertain the notion that I need somebody to be happy. 36,Willie

Thank you thank you thank you for printing Don't Worry Be Happy I tried doing what it suggested for 21 days and I've noticed how relaxed I am.Dynna

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Inspiration Corner

Dawn Olivares really inspired me with her life story.She showed me that I'm not the only woman victimized by circumstances and like her I can beat the odds if I worked at it.Reece

My friend inspired me to find peace as a single woman. Two years ago she was jilted by a man she deeply loved. They had dated twelve years since college and was engaged for eight years. He backed out a week before the wedding and she was destroyed.

She hid away in her home for months not talking to any of her friends. Then one day she called me out of the blue to see if I wanted to go shopping. I jumped at the opportunity to go shopping but was uncomfortable about it being with her for fear I would say something that would hurt her feelings and she go back into seclusion.

She explained to me how she decided that her life wasnít over because he decided he didnít want to be married to her. Her attitude was inspiring to me and I took a long look at my own life, my days inwhich I pitied myself for being without a boyfriend. I thank my friend for being my rolemodel and getting on with life after her marital setback. 33,Lisa about 33,Lisa G

The Betrayal sounded alot like my life all the way down to the lack of interest by my kids' dad when they were sick. Currently I'm still slaving on a job but I hope by next year I'll be able to support myself with my business. Reading her story has motivated me to hang in there, thanks Dawn.Candy


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Watermelon Icee

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