Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2000 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2000 Edition

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    A. Conference Time Again
    B. Daphney: Clip from e-book Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality
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Conference Time Again

Well it's time for the conference again. A part of me is looking forward to getting out there speaking to businesses about the glories of sponsoring a conference for single women. BUT,,, there's that little voice saying,"oh brother not again?"

It appears the conference date will be October 7th which is a Saturday in Austin, Texas. Negotiations are being held with Barton Creek Resort which would be perfect for our gathering.

Next week will be dedicated entirely to speaking with potential sponsors regarding the conference. I would like to invite those of you with suggestions of companies that would be interested in participating in this conference to feel free in voicing them.

Has anyone started any leather spinster groups in your communities? If so please let me know so I could print it within the newsletter. Remember, it's very important we reach out and let others know we're here.

I was contacted by Club511 located in downtown Houston Tuesday. They wanted to know if leather spinsters in Houston would like to meet there each month. They made my day so I said yes. Our first meeting will be at the end of May. I'll keep you posted to the exact date and time.

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One of the many stories from the e-book Leather Spinsters and Their Degrees of Asexuality

What is wrong with girls looking up to spinsters as role models? Spinsters represent all that is right with the modern woman. We uphold family values, promiscuity is frowned upon and education is valued. Why not see spinsters as proper role models?

I had to change churches because I was thought to be morally corrupt because I chose to stay single for life. This hoopla came about when I was invited by the minister to participate in singles' activities at the church and I declined. He questioned why a young woman such as myself would not participate in activities geared towards single adults.

I told him rather frankly that I was a single woman for life and that dating, marriage, and children were not in my plans. Then came the quotes from the bible on how men and women were to marry and procreate. Well to win an argument with me you will need to show me where God said specifically that I was committing a sin for not marrying.

I can understand him trying to persuade me to marry if I was living a roguish life or shacking with some man, but I am not, I am living as an asexual. Being debated sent him into a defensive mode and then he started questioning whether I was truly "saved in Christ".

My response to him was yes, but I did not agree with his stance a woman is committing a sin if she choose to remain single. We went around and around till finally I said, "holdup I do not need to argue with you about my life choices. NOW I said I was not interested in those single activities and I mean that!"

His final words to me were, "I'll pray for you sister it is apparent the Devil is in possession of your mind. Cause girl at your age you should be out begging any man you can trap in a corner. I am trying to save your soul and spare your body from cries for not baring children".

Of all the b.s. I have heard in my life this took the cake. Who appointed this man to be the guardian of my body and soul, not me? His sermon the following Sunday was hell fire and brimstone warning his church members to be aware of seemingly Christian members trying to lure the young into fraudulent living. Those members privy to the sin debate the Sunday before on cue started giving me the "look".

These were Christians and they judged me because I visualized something different for myself. My membership at that church ended that day, I am not currently attending church but I pray and worship my God. I still contend that it is not a sin to be a single woman, if it were half of that church membership would be living in sin. All those women vying for the attention of the few eligible bachelors in the church would be sinners for the fact that they were not married.

I am at peace with my desire to be a single woman for life and have made all the necessary plans to ensure my lifelong choice. I planned for the unexpected, unlike many of my marriage-seeking counterparts who have not made any future plans. No they are busy waiting for the right man to come along so they could make plans together. This life of mine has been in planning ever since I was a young girl, so this is not a passing phase. I have done my homework and made the necessary preparations to live a long, happy, and prosperous life.


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Spinster Letters

Thank you for a wonderful web site. It is reaffirming to know there are other "leather spinsters" out there. Some of my friends are so entrenched in Western culture, they don't get me. Thinking my asexually is some kind of bargaining tool to snare a man, is stark contrast to my intent. I consider asexuality the most normal and comfortable of all sexual options.

A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of us than the whole force of a common enemy. While we are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when they lose their virtue they are ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader. If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their greatest security. I will enjoy the optimum security, my life in my capable hands.Karen (40 yrs. young)


I never thought a day would come when I could feel happy again. Married for ten years to a man I thought was a blessing from above. I was happy and he was not. My world was shattered when he walked out on me.

I spent my days wondering what I did to run him away and how I could get him back. There was no getting it through my thick skull he was gone for good. The home fires were left to burn for a year and no husband.

Friends told me upteen times to get over him but I would not hear of it. Eventually I did listen. I had no choice but to take my friends advice, he never came back. Things worked out very well for me. I was finally able to see I was needy.

I was one of those women who "loved too much". Men felt trapped with me because I was so needy to feel loved. I had never known what it meant to be self-reliant until my divorce. Now I would not trade my life of deciding for self for any amount of love and attention from a man.

Had it not been for my husband walking out on me I would not know the truth about myself. God bless my ex. Nadya

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Inspiration Corner

I want you to know the readers of this publication inspire me with their letters. There was a time I couldn't imagine life without a man. I'm 49 and looking forward to a long happy life as a single woman. No I'm not looking for a companion nor will I associate with women whose main goal is to get a man. My time would better be spent surrounding myself with those who are living for the present and not the future.

This newsletter gives me an outlet. I don't mind living alone but I like knowing other women finds life exciting being single. Readers have you thought about finding a meeting place for leather spinsters to gather on the weekends? Maybe we should think long and hard on starting a weekend group so we can fellowship in person not just in writing.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your life histories. Without your sharing this newsletter would be like the other women mags quiet on single women issues.49,Nancie

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