Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2001 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2001 Edition

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Do Lawmakers See Us?

by Regena English

Lawmakers, believe it or not are highly overworked but unfortunately not due to looking out for single person issues.

Not one elected official in the history of the North American continent has ever focused on a single persons? platform, giving single persons serious considerations when passing laws. If you know of one please let me know and I?ll issue a correction.

The fact is, when many think of being single they see people who live carefreely with plenty of money. That image is far from being actual, single persons pay higher taxes, insurance, and yes even higher rent.

Gee, for a group that?s carefreely living there sure are alot of financial drains on their paychecks. Taxes. How many times have you heard a politician promise to lower taxes for single people? It?s unheard of.

You would think they could see how unfair taxation is, especially those who themselves are single and have to pay the same higher rates as their unmarried peers. If you?re not a married (or homosexual) couple and is not classified as middle-class your pocketbook will be left empty.

Insurance.Many cities and states have gone out of their way to give homosexual partnerships the same recognition as married couples so they too may enjoy lower rates.

Rather than make policies and laws beneficial to all citizens they continue the discrimination against those without spouses. The only group of people it?s politically correct to punish for being different.

Rent. It?s not just insurance (to include health, life, home, and auto) singles pay more, it can also be rent. Now I?ve been told apartment complexes sometimes charge single women more rent because of the belief unmarried women attract more crimes like rape and robbery. What??

Ladies if you think you?re paying higher rent due to your gender and marital status report the offending complex to the city and state real estate boards. That?s against the law, and if by some odd coincidence your city or state is in the middle ages, push for a law to protect you and your peers.

Why is this happening to singles??It?s real simple, single people especially women are passive when it comes to their rights. Now is the time to stop taking what falls your way and let lawmakers know you?re a voter too.

Demand inclusion in the lawmaking process. Stop suffering legal caning for not being apart of a couple in silence. Remember, the squeeky wheel gets the oil, isn?t it time SINGLE PEOPLE SQUEEKED? Comments about this article can be emailed or faxed.

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Spinster Letters

I read your article on Single,Black, Female and I applauded. The only difference I'm Chinese. I nearly fell off my seat when I read the part about over-education of a man changes his attitude towards women with less education. Asian men are notoriously over-educated as far as how they see women, sometimes it doesn't matter if she's educationally equal to him.

For years I was left discouraged with men, but I'm in a peaceful place now. No anger just resigned peacefulness like those women in the article. Ling

Single, Black, Female is a article for all women. When I read it, it made perfect sense and inadvertly explained my encounters with educated men. I'm sure those women you interviewed for the article endured alot of crap for their willingness to not play the games anymore, I know I have in recent years.

It takes guts to say look I'm worth more than the adult games, it takes balls to be happy by yourself. I thank you for featuring women who were brave enough to say no more games. Estelle Gomez

Hi, Regena. It's nice to meet you!
I, too, am a black female, except that I am 46, living in Chicago. After many years spent dating, being married (now divorced), and, otherwise, never being without a man in my life (for too long), I decided, a year ago, that, for my own good, I would be alone, without any romantic relationship(s), for a while. It hasn't been easy, but, overall, I think that it's been for the best. For so long, I realized that I had been structuring much of my life around others, especially men, and I lost track of ME. My goal, now, is to get BACK on track, in that regard. It's a slow process, but I think that I'm making progress :)...

That said, I think that your article was very interesting, and so many of your statements ring true, as per my experiences. I was especially impressed with this excerpt:

    :"Women waste too much time trying to catch that great guy rather than :living, and before long when they're old and beauty-less they realize :that time didn't wait for them. I live my life as though my very being :depends on it which it does, so you're not going to catch me waiting to :live only when I have somebody." Willita (30) advertising manager, :Phoenix

I LOVE this sister's attitude!

Anyway, thank you for listening, Regena. And, I think that you should be commended for providing a POV on this issue, from a black woman's perspective. Debra Walker

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Miss English,
The article Single Black & Female was right on the money. All I could say after reading it was damn somebody said it like it is and not the politically correct mess we've all grown accustomed to hearing. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking for the past year. Rita Rodrigues

I can remember being reduced to tears daily by a man I had been dating for over a year. He thought I was beneath him just because he had his masters degree and I had only a GED. I can relate to men thinking their college education meant they could treat women badly. Nyen

Thank God for women like Denise in Single, Black, Female article. This woman is the fantasy me, I desire the courage to be firm and committed to happiness on my terms.

    **"When I turned thirty I decided I wouldn't pursue men anymore. I'm not willing to share a man and I most certainly won't fight over one. Yes I believe there's a man shortage but so what I'm just fine without them!" Denise (37) graphic artist, Houston **

I'm working on myself so I can one day say with the utmost honesty I'm not going to pursue men anymore if I have to fight for them. Seems like every time I get involved I eventually become the second woman. The late night phone calls looking for him just to discover he's with another woman. Crying myself to sleep, feeling weak over a man who don't love or like me. Denise is my ideal woman, a woman I want to become. 44 anonymous

To the author,
Black,Female,and Single should have been named Women Too Tired To Give A Hoot. A high five to you and the women in the article for being so frank. These women are the epitome of strong single females, people can no longer leave their shoeprints on these sisters backs, I like that!!!Jinh Vu

Wow I would have missed the article Single, Black, Female had I not read the comments of those who had. So glad you printed the quotes by others because the article is awesome.

I thought it was me that men asked about my job, home, and kind of car I drove. Now, I know other women are being asked too. What I didn't see in the article was women complaining about men wanting to have more importance in their lives than their kids. Men come and go but my kids will always be apart of my life.Thanks for writing the article it was very informative. Trevie

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