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Leather Spinsters on the Web
There's one thing that's constant regardless to where you go on this planet, the invisibility of single women. It doesn't matter how fast our population grow, being single and female is equated to being none-existent and there's no other places more obvious than our nations' capitals. The very places responsible for making laws to fairly govern all its citizens. The time has come for leather spinsters in every democratic society to speak up and let our voices announce our growing physical and political presence.

April 2001 issueDo Lawmakers See Us??
Regena English
Not one elected official in the history of the North American continent has ever focused on a single persons’ platform, giving single persons serious considerations when passing laws. Single people especially women are overlooked by their electors, why??

5 Easy Steps To Overcoming Any Obstacle
By Julie Ginn
Any prize worth having is the one that costs the most to win. If you will, take a moment to reflect on some of your Best memories. Where you felt the joy of accomplishment. Or some long-cherished dream finally happened for you. It may have been a quiet moment. Chances are it asked more of you than you ever ask of yourself.

Release Fear
Jeannette de Langis
It is amazing that in this advanced country of ours that we do not teach life skills in our schools. What if at the time of kindergarten, we were to teach about energies and understand how we manifest our life to us. Our lives would simply unfold for us like magic.

Launch your dreams and they will come true
Mary Anne Thomas
Your dreams contain everything they need to succeed. Money, support, opportunities: they're part of your dreams as soon as you launch them. For decades, spiritual teachers have stated this truth -- that our dreams contain everything they need to succeed -- but most of us don't believe it. We don't know "how" it happens, and so it has seemed too good to be true.


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