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Life wouldn't be worth living if there weren't challenges. It's those challenges that renews our connections with ourself,others, and the universe.

April 2003 editionAre you ready?
Dolores G. Wix
Living inside the safety and comfort of our shell, devoid of challenge or change, becomes a habit easy, effortless, familiar. We've retired ourselves from the excitement and challenges of purposeful living.

Compliment More
Steve Goodier
Instead of always harping on others' shortcomings, tell them of their virtures.Try to pull them out of their ruts of unproductive habits.

The Hazards of Fluoride
Ron Harder

Is the fluoride used in our water supply, toothpaste, canned foods and other products safe? Read this startling article and decide for yourself.

Secrets the IRS Does Not Want You to Know
Collin Alameida
For those of you who operate businesses, doesn't matter if they are based in the home or not, you have an advanatage over the average taxpayer, find out how in this article.

Ten Easy Ways To Get Extra Cash
Doris Dobkins
Here's a few ideas to help you raise extra cash to ease some of your debts.

Being In Love
Regena English
"Being in love" is not based on having a mate it's a condition of living not romance. Many leather spinsters are "in love" but don't know it merely for loving life itself. Are you "in love"?

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