Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2004 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter April 2004 Edition

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Positioned For Success The Refined Art Of Taking A Chance


Are you in or out of your comfort zone, that is?

Remember a simple principle: action leads to results.

One decision.
One small action.
One step outside of the comfort zone...

Can be the beginning of a series of decisions and actions that lead to a better lifestyle, a feeling of "I can do this," and a host of other possibilities.


A stretch break for success.
A small "break away" from your comfort zone into the world of personal responsibilities.

Much success to you,

Copyright (c) Josh Hinds

Written by Josh Hinds of http://www.GetMotivation.com Josh is a firm believer in the saying, "readers are leaders!" -- As such you are invited to learn more about the "Readers Edge" program that teaches you to read both faster and more fluently, which of course translates to greater success in your life. Details at http://www.GetMotivation.com/readfaster


***Editor's Note***
It's springtime, a time for new beginnings so always remember it is ok to change your opinions and travel another path. Life is not about opportunities and choices being written in stone.

Let the Magic Live Within You

Don't ever let someone else convince you that you are not exactly who and where you need to be. Some people like to try and convince us that we don't see, feel, sense, hear and live what we know. They feel that because they don't experience life in that way, that surely we are wrong and they are right.

I have always been very proud of being different. I actually tried to be. I didn't like being just like someone else or doing something because it was popular or "in" at the moment.

Perhaps that's how and why I always seemed to have an inner peace, even when I was up against huge problems. I may not have had the answers all the time, and still don't, but I always had this inner knowing that with time, all things would work out and also, with faith and still do.

Sometimes we may not always "see" that magic we have within us and we need people to mirror us and help us to see it. Some days the weight of the world can feel a bit heavier and I have found about that time, someone always comes along and says "Good job, keep up the great work," and that's exactly what I needed, just at that moment. It always makes me smile and sometimes shed a tear of joy that I have such magical moments in my life.

When I'm feeling down or drained of energy, I often will just look around and find all the magic in my life. I surround myself with crystals and stones, pretty fairies and angel statuettes, peaceful music, candles, books filled with peace, love, joy, miracles and words that touch my inner being, that help me to grow and also write more for others to enjoy.

It doesn't take long for me to rekindle the magic within me, it surely never dies, it just may need a bit of wind to come and blow it back to life now and then. The embers always are warm and some days they burn hot and fierce as the creative juices flow wildly and wonderfully.

You can find what brings your magic to life too, enjoy what you love and make a more concentrated effort to get in the middle of it and feel its presence all around you and once again, within you. Choose the company you keep and if someone causes you to feel anything other than positive vibes, then take a good look and decide if that is what you want in your life.

Get outside in nature and enjoy the peace and the sheer joy of just sitting and watching something grow, or the sun go down, the rain fall, hear the wind whisper to you, maybe even see a fairy or two amongst the flowers.

Peaceful meditation and flowing music are two great ways to bring peace into your being, the kind of meditation that is good for the soul, the eyes, the lungs, the mind, and the body, the total you.

Dance amongst the stars, laugh, listen to a child tell you a story, hug a puppy and feel the joy. There is so much more in life, than doing what everyone else wants. Take time for your magic!! You will find that when you take the time to find the magic that lives within you that magic will flow to all areas of your life.

Copyright: Mystickblue (c) March, 2004 All rights reserved.

Fran Hafey is a Spiritual Counselor, Healer, Writer, Earth and Animal Activist and Teacher. She provides guidance and inspiration via her Website, groups and newsletter on the World Wide Web. To read more of her articles visit the Author's Website: http://Mystickblue.com or her Weekly inspiration group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritualPathways/ She's currently working on publishing her own books about love,inspiration, magic and nature stories for Children of all ages.


Whatever happened to the Leather Spinsters Conference?Tonya

Due to scheduled seminars this year the conference has been put on hold. As soon as a date has been decided upon it will be posted here.

You ought to change the name of the newsletter to You Can Be Who You Want To Be Newsletter. Over the years I've received so much positive energy from this newsletter articles to shape my life the way I wanted it shaped. My life is vastly different after becoming a reader. Today I'm not afraid of growing older a cry from how I felt a few years ago. I don't allow my life to have a age limit on it, I'm not scared of dreaming big dreams and acting them out. Most people my age spend the rest of their days listing what they can't do, wasting away. Not me. I think of myself as having joined the legion of women your publication has helped be their own women, THANK YOU.Granny Pat


No profits are gained nor claims are made by publishing this potentially helpful information.

I am very impressed with your organization, and I was hoping you might be able to help me with a project I am working on. My name is Jessica Donn, and I am a doctoral student in Psychology at Miami University in Ohio. I am doing my dissertation on the lives of never-married singles age 35-45, looking at what contributes to subjective well-being for singles.

I am conducting my study online, which means that people who participate would fill out a survey on the internet. The survey takes about an hour, and participants who complete the survey have the option to register for a $100 lottery. I was hoping there might be a way you could help me distribute a call for people to participate in my study, either by sending out an email (I have a standard email invitation to send) or by including my call for participants in your newsletter.

The study is at the web site: www.singlesstudy.com if you want to find more information or refer people to it.

Thank you for your attention, and please let me know if I can answer any questions, or if you can help in any way. Thanks so much.

Jessica Donn, MA
Miami University
Oxford, OH

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