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Below is another writer's perspective on being unwed and having fun. Including this article is in no way implying St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston is endorsing any dating sites or relationship counselors.

Being Single and Enjoying It

Let's be honest. No one really wants to be alone for the rest of their life. But does being alone mean you're doomed to be miserable forever? Definitely not! And does being single have to equal lonely? No way! You can have the best time of your life when you're single, but you wouldn't know that from our relationship obsessed society, where celebrity magazines devote the majority of their content to who's dating whom and the wedding industry is a $100-billion business.

Yet more than a third of marriages end in divorce, and countless other couples languish in unions that shouldn't have happened in the first place. The single life is replete with liberties that you could not imagine. Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider taking a hiatus from the relationship arena and remain single.

10. You donít have to tolerate moodiness & nagging

Relish not being the target of anyoneís inexplicable mood swings, and the calm that comes when thereís no nagging. When you wake up on the couch, youíll know itís because you chose to pass out there.

9. You can gain weight without worrying

Just as you can spend more time buffing up at the gym, you can also just chill and let yourself go for a little while. When youíre not on the market, you donít have to worry about looking like an Adonis every day. Enjoy the pleasure of occasionally being a slob. Just donít go so far that you canít trim down in time for when you decide to start hunting.

8. You can appreciate your independence

You can use your newfound free time for solitary fun, as well as self-improvement. Being single forces you to do things for yourself, like cook, do laundry and tidy up your pad. Being skilled at many things makes you a more complete, well-rounded person ó a great card to hold when you decide to reenter the dating market.

7. You can control your finances

Being single gives you full financial freedom, and you never have to worry about paying for dinner or buying presents. However, understand that this does not mean that you will save money ó on the contrary; you might be spending more on partying, buying drinks, dressing well, and so on. But at least you are the master of every single dollar you spend.

6. You have more time for activities

When youíre single, you have no reason to sit around doing nothing. Want to harden your body at the gym? Play a new instrument? How about watch the Die Hard trilogy for the 11th time? Whoís stopping you? Look forward to being spontaneous, not having to answer to anyone and flirting like crazy.

5. You donít have to deal with anotherís personal habits

Now thereís no irritating habits to tolerate. You can sleep peacefully without anyoneís annoying snoring and hog all the blankets without a care in the world. You have no one to pick up after but yourself. Give your patience a well-deserved break and live in unflustered.

4. You can be spontaneous

Being single lets your break out of the numbing cycle of routine. Be daring while you can. Not only will you be doing something out of the ordinary, you can do it without double-checking with someone else first. This is the height of freedom.

3. You can focus on your career

Life is a juggling act in which you have to keep the many elements aloft, paying equal attention to each one. But if you let one drop, you can channel your forces to the remaining parts. In the absence of a relationship, youíll have much more time to devote to your work. You can put in those extra hours on a project to impress your boss, and even take on something else. And you donít have to worry about sacrificing your love life, as youíll be single and vigorous.

2. You can be your own boss

Relationships are synonymous with compromise. You eventually have to sacrifice something you really like for the good of the pair. Use your single time to treat yourself a little more. In small doses, selfishness is good for the soul. Being your own boss also means answering to no one. Enjoy not having to explain your actions.

1. You can flirt as you please

Being single gives you the complete freedom to flirt with whomever you want, whenever you want.

Just as with meeting someone in person, finding your soul mate or love of your life can take some time. Just because a few weeks have gone by and youíre not really excited about anyone youíve met doesnít mean they donít exist. It also gives you the chance to sharpen your mojo so that, before you know it, youíll be the master player on your block. Since youíre unattached, take this opportunity to master the art of seduction, and who knows what rewards youíll reap.

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The Truth:About Life's Challenges

In the midst of our lives, hungry, thirsty and often weary, there comes a moment when we stop and wonder, "Is this all there is? Is there another way to live my life that will bring the joy and contentment that eludes me?"

Caught in the patterns of our lives, each of us has an intuition of something beyond the way we are now living. This something has the power to dispel sorrow and transform our lives into one of wholeness and joy. It has the power to heal division and offer the strength, compassion and refreshment we all desire.

This is what happens as we live from the wisdom within, our true nature, the essence of who we are. Rather than seek to fulfill everyone else's beliefs and expectations, when we turn within for wisdom and guidance we have a way of seeing things differently. Rather than respond automatically, we are true to ourselves, to our own perception and vision and then have the opportunity arises to look at the world through fresh eyes.

As we do this, we can often grow like flowers, planted in the soil of our daily concerns. This may also be called, living our lives from the inside out, trusting ourselves and our own intuition.

As we begin to do this, we develop a new way of knowing and of being in the world. We do not analyze, explain or justify what happens.Rather than try to mold or control our experience, we simply make friends with it, become acquainted, let it instruct us and be our guide.

First Steps

As we embark upon this pathway, there are certain pointers and warnings which are helpful. Some are listed below: As they become part of your daily lives, you will easily and naturally see how your relationships benefit as well.

Pointers and Warnings

Take a deep breath. We are not going anywhere fast. In fact, we are returning Ė back to our original home. Put down fantasies, hopes, expectations for a moment. Just simply learn to be where you are. Sit still without moving, and take in all that is going on now. Don't judge it, hate it, push it away. Be with everything, just as it is. Including yourself.

Pointer 1 - Stop Looking For A Quick Fix

A great danger in our lives is looking for a quick fix, believing there are all kinds of wise ones around who have the answers for our lives. That is not the point here. As they say,

"Don't put a head on your head. What's wrong with your own, anyway?"

Pointer 2 - Give Up Unnecessary Pressure

Most of the time we create all kinds of goals and drive ourselves crazy to reach them. We measure our progress, compare ourselves to others, judge ourselves relentlessly. This is not our way. Here we focus upon each breath, each day, each moment and experience it totally. One complete breath brings the next. This path is made by walking.

Pointer 3 - Go Back To The Beginning

Many are constantly seeking more and more, exploring new territories, ideas, relationships. They then feel they are advancing and gaining ground. However, many rush forward without really knowing where they are going. Once they arrive, they quickly set a new destination and start rushing to it again.

Our way is to return to the beginning. We stop, sit down, look within. We remember where we came from, who we are and where we are headed. We also remember to take care of our simple lives as well as the lives of others along the way. By returning to our original nature, we remember how to sit, breathe, eat, play and re-claim the excitement, joy and adventure we felt as children, but lost along the way.

(c)2007 Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

About The Author: Discover The 2000 year old Zen secrets for being calm, balanced and positive, no matter what's going on in your life in Living By Zen, by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, `http://www.livingbyzen.com. Psychologist, speaker, long term Zen practitioner and relationship expert, author of many books. Contact her at topspeaker@yahoo.com or http://www.brendashoshanna.com.

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