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Lately interest in Leather Spinsterhood has increased especially in their sexuality and sexual practices. Many Leather Spinsters consider themselves asexual, another way of saying that sexual activity is low on their priority scale, no they are not lesbians, they are women exercising their natural right to limit their sexual contact or in some cases omit it from their lives.

There are common misconceptions about asexuality, one being that it's caused by having too many X or Y chromosomes,it's possible but the asexuals as they pertain to spinsterhood, are normal women with the correct number of chromosomes.The others are, genitalia deformities and traumatic experiences. I dare not say that neither of the two couldn't cause asexuality in a human being, there's a wide variety of reasons why some Leather Spinsters identify as asexual but the number one reason is it's the most comfortable of all the sexual options for them. go to page 2


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