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What's wrong with Leather Spinsters making such powerful statements about their sexuality? Absolutely nothing! Our culture dictates to us that we are suppose to be sexual, not just for procreation, but, as a mandatory act of normalcy, the question should be why must the act of sex carry such weight in our society when there are other more important acts required for our species' survival? What images do your mind conjures when you hear the term asexuality?

If you're like most in this culture, visions of angry sexually dysfunctional people comes to mind, or of mutated humans like Kwazimoto hiding in the darkened bell towers of the world. With the acceptance of who they are Leather Spinsters can express sensuality and confidence unlike spinsters of past who thought feeling desirable was wrong and would lead to immoral behaviors.

Decide for yourself whether or not asexuality is real or a phantomed orientation, but let it be understood, regardless of what you or others in our society determine asexuality to be it will always exist, maybe not outwardly but it will exist. It must be noted again, not all Leather Spinsters identify as asexual or as to having asexual tendencies.


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