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Leather Spinsters on the Web
August 2002 issueJapanese Women
Regena English
Japan is seeing a big change among it's thirty-something single women, otherwise known as "parasite singles". These liberated women are creating a new phenomena that's challenging the cultural foundation of their nation.

Why Warranties?
Doris Dobkins
Have you ever wondered why most companies offer extended warranties (service contracts) for the products they sell? Do they already know that something is going to go wrong with your product or do they know everything will be well with it and they are just looking for easy profits?

Can You Live Totally In The Moment?Jan Tincher
Can you learn to totally live in the moment? Do you know what that means? Discover how to relax and enjoy this time, and let go of old negative thoughts.

Better Future?
Kathy Gates
When you don't try something, when you never start towards your goal, when you put-off and wait-out your dreams, you are AGREEING to lose, to not have it. Have you started on your goals yet?

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