Leather Spinsters Newsletter August 2003 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter August 2003 Edition

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    A. When You Know What 'IS' Does Not Work
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When You Know What 'IS' Does Not Work

What your life has made you, so far, must have been based on what other people told you. Their experiences, rules, traditions, customs and perceptions may have been too limited.

Now is the time to click the switch to "ON", and re-discover the power God gave you in a simple, effective and 'happy-making' manner.

Our main instruction from our Creator is to 'BE JOYFUL'. And next, Jesus gave us a few pointers:

    The truth will set us free (There's only ONE truth)
    Find the kingdom within (Your own path, no other)
    Love thy neighbor (Disliking people voids you of life-energy)
    Do not judge (What ever you focus on, multiplies)
    Watch what you put in your mind, not your mouth (Food & microbes do not make you sick, it's your mind)

We have been hearing these words all of our lives. During past years, it sounded strange and as if it should be left to Sunday's church hour to think about it. However, the closer we look now, the more it all points to timeless wisdom that, when clarified, gets us irrevocably to where we would like to be.

Are you thinking "But what about my having enough money now"? That is exactly what I am talking about. Listen me out.

Universal (spiritual) energy is timeless and applies no other conditions than universal laws, such as Gravity--'awareness', 'correspondence', 'attraction', Causality--'sowing & reaping', 'intent', Order--'higher order supersedes the lower order', 'no chaos', 'nothing is random'.

The conditions you fixate on, such as 'I WILL be millionaire in 5 years.' Why in FIVE years? Because our human conditions and our 'experience' teach us that it takes that long to become one. But is that correct in universal terms? Not, whatsoever.

Time is of no concern, and you have the power to create everything instantaneously. There is one set-back, however, you have to reverse your mental condition into your childhood state of mind. No, no, this is not asking you to become childish, and behave like a complete nutcase, as many would want you to believe. Becoming child-like is the intention here.

" There is light in every person. It can be found when one looks at a person as an innocent child, with love and all the wealth & opportunity in the world, before it was destroyed by man." -- Ina Bliss

Remember yourself as that little thin, blond kid, who used to 'go play', and limitlessly devour the day? When you returned home to the dinner table, red-faced and elated, the world had no end, and except the anticipation of your exciting bedtime story, you could hardly wait till tomorrow.

That little, innocent child is still in you. The only way you can achieve that state of mind of wonder, trust, openness and cheer is when you forget what existed in-between, ruined your perspective and wasted your life, the information you absorbed that was FALSE, and based on what others did NOT KNOW BETTER at the time.

It is your responsibility to reverse the damage, and act upon the gifts our Creator gave you on your way. That, my friend, is freedom, when you remember your power and act to present your gift to others.

How can you reverse your state of mind? With today's technology, nothing is any longer impossible.

    -- Get rid of all your negative emotions, which create the negative energy around you and rob you off the energy to perform, as well as think correctly.
    -- Collect the trillions of life-force particles you were born with, which are now stuck in 'past' and 'future'; each is worth an ounce of gold.
    -- Ask for inspiration and finally understand the bible without doubt
Most importantly, though, it is not what you 'DO' that makes the difference. You must become the child of our Creator that follows his bliss with his mind focused like a magnifying glass that makes fire. Unfold your genius; it is nothing but 'enthusiasm on fire'.

Thanks for listening,

Ina Bliss--Founder of 'Increasing Your Church's Treasury www.telechurch.org Eternal Copyright Telechurch.org


    Another Man Shortage?

Here we go again. What will it take to get women to see through that sh**? Evonne

This is harsh but true. Socially inadequate women hide behind the excuse there's not enough quality men to go around rather than work on their inadequacies in attracting men of quality. Sharon

If there is a shortage of good men why is it men ask the same of good women? Could it be that people don't really know who is good for them? Better yet, could it be we have unrealistic expectations of who and what makes for a healthy relationship? For those who feel all the "good people" are gone they need to ask some pertinent questions and stop assuming the worst.Steve Lehaeffen, ND,PhD

    Boycotting Women

pamela in spain is right. here in italy sex is given its rightful place not hidden in seedy places like its bad. if woman want to make living selling sex with her dancing or her body it should be her decision not the community.blanca

Some women are confused little creatures. You would think with having to deal with the hassles of everyday life this woman wouldn't have time to be a pest to someone else. Amen Regena, she should stop blaming other women for the problems of the world.Nicki

    The Tragedy of Hunger

Sad, sad, sad.There was a time people didn't spend all of their time wanting. Today people spend so much time wanting they don't know how it feel to be grateful. Gloria

On the subject of The Tragedy of Hunger, a study was released saying there are more neglected children today than ever before. No I'm not talking about some poor child in a third world country. No I'm talking about children in the United States whose parents supply them with all the material possessions in the world as substitutes for parenting. These children are left to their own vices more than 16 hours a day during summer months and during the school year 8. Eight hours don't sound so bad. Think again. After school these kids are usually home alone until their parents come home from work then it's bedtime. No time for bonding.

What's happening to prevent mom and dad from being good parents? They would rather dedicate more time to their careers and or social lives than their offspring. There will be consequences for society as a whole to bear. Children feel abandoned when their parents choose careers and social lives over being with them which is why they they act out. The acting out will build in severity as time goes by until vicious crimes are the end result. There's even talk of alerting children social services when a child have behavior problems in school so they can determine if the behavior problems are caused by poor priorities on the parents part. I'm a single mom who took a cut in pay just so I could spend more time with my child because the ssymptoms of abandonment was apparent so I did what a responsible parent would do. I'm very concerned when the government starts talking about stepping in to force parents to be parents because you can't legislate good parenting skills and personal priorities. Good parents will find themselves under the gun because of the sins of the bad parents. Cookie


I have a boyfriend and we've been together for five years. My question is sexual in nature. I identify as a asexual leather spinster but I do have sex with him sometimes because he's hetero. My question is am I failing to honor myself both as a leather spinster and asexual woman because I'm having sexual intercourse with him?requested name not be included

I just read an article about leather spinsters and I was left with juvenile questions on my mind. Do leather spinsters have boyfriends? Do any ever have sex?Cary


Truthfully speaking, you're asking my opinion of something only you can answer of yourself. However, if you're being sexually active by your own free will and it's what you want to do not because he's pressuring you or society expects it of you, then in my opinion (for whatever it's worth to you) you're honoring yourself. Although the concept of a sexually active asexual is a bit much for some to conceive, even by other asexuals, it does occur. I'll be the first to say these types of relationships require good communication skills and a willingness to accept the sexual differences between the two parties. Apparently you've crossed that bridge having been in a relationship with the same man for five years. Here's a quote from an asexual woman I interviewed several years ago.

    "He gives me my necessary space along with what I desire from him emotionally and I give him what he desire from me physically. I'm at peace with the arrangement."

Cary you would be surprised how many people ask me those questions, so I wouldn't call them juvenile. Some leather spinsters have "boyfriends", some don't. Some have sex , others don't. These women live on their own terms, not what society says they should do or want. It's about personal choices.

For Your Information
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