Leather Spinsters Newsletter August 2004 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter August 2004 Edition

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"The number one is the loneliest number if
we believe it to be." Regena English


Best Stay-On-Track Advice

What if you tried to do everyone’s job at the office in addition to your own? You’d run out of time, energy, space, inclination, opportunity, and patience pretty quickly wouldn’t you?

Or what if you tried to run all the houses in your neighborhood as well as your own? Again, you’d miss out on what was going on in your own home, because you were so busy with everyone else’s.

You’d be off track for enjoying and furthering your own home and your own job rather quickly, wouldn’t you.

The same is true of your life. If you don’t decide to block out the things that are not important to the happiness and welfare of your own life, you’ll end up too busy and too distracted to see what you want to happen for yourself.

Staying on track with a goal while daily life is coming at you faster every day can seem difficult at best. But creating priorities -- and protecting them -- doesn’t mean that you have to choose between family and career. Not at all. That’s about balance (a whole different show!)

Staying on track with priorities -- goals, ideas, plans -- does however mean that you have to choose the way you allocate your time.

No matter how rich, how smart, how beautiful, every person on the planet is given the same 24 hours each day. The key to success in staying on track with your goals (* drum roll please *) is to examine how you spend your time in relation to what you say your priorities are.

For example, when I was writing one of my ebooks, it became my top priority as I neared the deadline. I chose to rearrange my schedule, to not see as many clients, to take rain-checks on dinner invitations, to ignore the new fall TV shows.

When you set a goal, or set a priority in your life, you also have to consciously decide to stay on track with it by not letting distractions get in the way.

Remember the example at the beginning of the article -- in order to say YES to your house, to your job, you have to watch out for and say NO to other things, sometimes even things that you really want.

Decide to stay on track with your healthy eating at lunch by ordering a salad or a veggie sandwich. Decide to stay on track with studying for your professional tests by delegating the laundry to someone else for a few weeks. Decide to stay on track with your finances by deciding on how much your clothes budget actually is each week.

Decide to stay on track with conscious living.

For the next week, try this real life stay on track strategy: Every time you check your hair, check your choices. Ask yourself, “Am I making choices that are leading me in the direction I want to go in?” See if you’re on track for the day, if not make the adjustment.

It’s a stay-on-track habit that will get you what you want quicker than you ever thought possible.

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale Arizona. What is Life Coaching? Your life -- only easier, happier, more joyful! Learn more about how to create a simpler, less stressful, more meaningful lifestyle. Visit www.reallifecoach.com for products and services and sign up for her newsletter.


Hello my name is Patty and I read about the Leather Spinsters in my newspaper about three years ago. And I have never forgotten how I was with the women in the article. The article ran in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in January 2001. I have always been a little too shy to write but I have finally gotten the courage to do so. I was sad to learn that there used to be a way you could chat with other leather spinsters through the pen pal, but that had to be eliminated. And that's too bad. Women who choose to be their very own soulmates should have a place where they can share their thoughts with others who think like they do. I spend so much wasted energy feeling like I am apologizing to my friends for wanting to be single because they debate me all the time about my choice. Such pressure well meaning loved ones can put on us because we don't wish to be coupled. So many unfair labels - man hater, afraid of love, I'm sure you've heard them all before. Anyway, I know this is a very lengthy note but I just want to thank you and appreciate you creating the Leather Spinsters.Patty

Goodmorning Patty,
Your email is appreciated and valued. The penpal page on the leatherspinsters.com site was discontinued a few years ago due to participants receiving spam galore. In the upcoming newsletter there will be a link to where leather spinsters can post their introductions for penpals. Yes it's understandable friends and family would be curious about your current life choice but eventually their curiosity with you will fade. Always remember to live your life in a manner that will produce joy and peace for you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to email me it was indeed a pleasure.
Regena English,editor

You have authored some insightful letters over the years. I can only think you are a lonely man and your loneliness is coloring your perceptions of the women you are exposed to in your daily affairs.Bethany

Dear Mr. Bell,
I read your letter with interest and I "heard" a sad man who is perpetually judging the single women in his life with harshness. Your critical comments are a reflection of how you feel about yourself and is projecting it onto women. When you feel good about yourself you will find yourself surrounded by women who feel good about themselves.Trisha

Micheal you spend so much time picking the women in your dance club apart I have to wonder about your state of mind? Never mind the women, are you happy?Deloise

Michael this is not the first letter you've written about maladjusted women, at least that's how you described them. You need to ask yourself why is it these appear to be the only women you choose to socialized when the world is clearly filled with other types?Elise

Dear Micheal,
Here is something to think about. There was a time I wondered why I drew uncaring vampirish men into my life and not compassionate, sensitive men. And there it was men mirrored my conflicted feelings of self. anonymous



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