The Nitty Gritty Tool for Career Transition

The Nitty Gritty Tool for Career Transition
by Regena English

Many of you may know Staci Backauskas as the author of the Fifth Goddess novel but she's back writing about one of the less expected topics, career transition. The title of the new ebook is The Nitty Gritty Tool For Career Transition. Before you run and hide from yet another ebook on how to get the perfect job you must read this one, it's different.

This would be the perfect gift to yourself or anyone who has found themselves in need of finding new employment or wanting to change careers this year. In this day and time those entering the job market (as in college students), or in the case of employees from Enron or Continental Airlines, who are faced with last minute pursuits of employment desperately need a book like The Nitty Gritty Tool for Career Transition.

Unlike most books covering this topic, Staci made a point to address the emotional aspects of being the person pursuing new employment.I'm very impressed with her encouragement of journal usage, the first I've seen in a book of this nature. As you may have noticed I liked the chapter addressing emotions because it motivates the reader to better themselves from inside out, canceling falsehoods and identifying "inner" issues.

Betcha didn't know you had a connection to your former co-workers that would cause you to feel a void (mourn) due to not working with them. Well you do according to Staci. I had to laugh when I read about the "void", because I've had to work with some horrific people in my day and I've yet to feel a void from not being in their presence.

Who ever heard of having fun while looking for a job? Staci's little masterpiece pushes people to have fun, she even went so far as to say volunteer some of your time to some worthwhile cause. Essentially Staci used this chapter to impress upon the reader they need to keep a perspective about their job hunt,otherwise they'll be creating more of what they've been trying to avoid, STRESS.

Miss Backauskas included all the typical mentions you would expect for a Career Transition ebook but, what separates it from the others is the personal touches added that redirects the reader back to themself. All too often job hunters don't look at the big picture that makes them desirable to companies until now. The author put the big picture into an easy to read format making it hard for the reader to not understand all of this ebook's tried and true advice.

I have to say this again,I really think the author did a magnificent job. There was no stone unturned, or in this case, not addressed in regards to the reader knowing how to package themselves to get the jobs they desire. Unlike many who will be seeking jobs, the reader will be prepared in ways any company would appreciate. I can say without a doubt those people who spend their lives settling for employment just because it was offered to them will get a rude awakening in a good way. This ebook gets five thumbs up, a must read!



Follow Your Bliss Foundation Announces New Scholarship!

A new Follow Your Bliss Foundation scholarship for $250 will awarded on February 14, 2002. The Follow Your Bliss Foundation is an an organization, created by author and minister Staci Backauskas, that provides others who are living their dreams with support - financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Here are the guidelines:

1) Write an essay, 300 words or less, about how you are following your bliss and how the money will help you to continue to do this. These scholarships are for those who have made the choice to listen to their hearts and spirits and follow those messages. Focus on how you are living your dreams and how this money will allow you to expand that. Send it to with SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line by February 7, 2002. Essays that are over the word limit will not be considered.

2) The winner will be chosen by a panel of three judges and all decisions are final.

3) No friends or family members of Staci's are eligible due to the inability to be objective about them.

The winner will be announced February 14th. This is the fourth scholarship awarded by the foundation.

"I understand the depth of darkness that accompanies the path of Following Your Bliss," says Backauskas. "I feel it's all of our responsibility to provide light to others; this is how I choose to do it for today."

For further information, contact Staci at


Put Some Spirit In Your Job Search!

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