Sensual Celibacy

Sensual Celibacy Something happened in the sixties that forever changed how women saw themselves sexually. A cultural revolution of sorts took place allowing women to have uninhibited sexual relations without the stigma of decades past. The introduction of the Pill gave even the most traditional women justification to indulge in sex outside of marriage. Unfortunately, instead of gaining control over our sexual selves we became prisoners to it and as a result three generations of women are associating their womanhood on whether or not they're having regular sexual relations.

When I heard Donna had written a book on celibacy I imagined it to be one of monastic origins with prayers and methods of punishing the lusting flesh. Sensual Celibacy was more than I could've ever imagined a book about celibacy and it truly lived up to it's title. Donna did a wonderful job explaining the importance of women knowing themselves and being at peace (not in pieces) when sex and men weren't available. Celibacy is seldom addressed in this culture because we (women) refuse to stop evaluating our femininity according to our sexual activity, believe it or not one has little to do with the other.

This book is filled to the brim with questions and practice exercises to encourage self examination of one's own self, which, for some of us was a eye opening view of what we really thought of the act of sex and it's power over our self-esteem. More importantly, Miss Williams drives the point home that celibacy need not be dull and full of sexual misery as she cleverly instruct readers on how their lives can be bright and full of SENSUALITY as celibate men and women.

    "Sensual Celibacy is for passionate,juicy,sexy,sassy women who have become celibate, temporarily or permanent, by choice or by force. Whatever your reasons--emotional hangover,religious belief,or holding out for the right man--this book gives you a nod and a blessing you may not get from family,friends,or society, with its harsh,prejudicial notions about celibacy and the women and men who practice it from time to time."Donna Marie Williams

She explains and categorize the whos and whys certain people choose celibacy as a lifestyle. Those of you who ever thought of yourselves as freaks for being celibates think it no longer, Donna has provided a new image and expectation for celibates of the new millenium. No more images of the rejected and embittered person as the celibate stereotype now it's the sexually empowered. I would recommend this book to anyone with an open mind and or interested in continual emotional growth, doesn't matter if you're celibate, contemplating celibacy, or sexually active this book is top-notched.

Donna Marie Williams is the author of Black-Eyed Peas for the Soul and Sister Feelgood: 365 Days of Health and Fitness for Our Bodies and Our Souls. Miss Williams is a speaker and writer residing outside of Chicago,Illinois with her two children. Fireside Books/ A Simon & Schuster trade paperback

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