March 2000 Commentary

March 2000 Commentary

This is just a sampling of the mail received from last month's readers.

I haven't heard much about this year's conference. Have a date been decided? Novella

I'm a newly turned 40 year old and menopause never entered my mind until your article. Thank you for the menopause dialogue its been informative.Desiree Rodriguez

You are so right about the secrecy of menopause. My mother didn't talk about "personal things" like menopause. Women should write menopausal stuff on the bathroom walls like kids do with smut.Lawrencia

My fingers are crossed. I'm 22 and my only comfort is knowing menopause wont be visiting my body anytime soon, right? Please say I'm right!Destinie Williams

Handwriting banishing low self-esteem? I don't know about that. I've seen some beautiful handwriting from some of the poorest esteemed persons in my workplace. I have to think about that theory.Cynthia

I really enjoyed the article on handwriting. Who would have known we reveal our self esteem level by writing? Not me that's for sure!Neicie T

I had to write about the article Asexual Blues. Yes I think she have a great idea on how asexual men and women should view Valentines Day. This was the first year I went somewhere on Valentines. A friend and I went out to Chili's and had some drinks and snacks, no hiding this year.Vale

Asexual Blues was right on the mark. On Valentines Day I feel arkward and like the article said I want to hide. I'll make a note on my calendar next year to spend Valentine's Day with friends.Stef

I'm not asexual but I can appreciate Asexual Blues idea for enjoying Valentines Day.Lee

I made up my mind a few years ago to stop acting as if something was wrong with being alone for Valentines Day. Pilar

I know the article was written from the asexual woman's perspective. I think all single and dateless women can relate to not wanting to go out on Valentines Day. GREAT IDEA ON DEALING WITH THAT DAY!!Lisa

The article Vitamins That Burn didn't say what the study's patients ate each day in order to lose weight. Also she failed to list the overall outcomes of the patients. I can stand to lose a pound or two and would like to do it healthfully. Stevie