August Commentary

August Commentary I really enjoyed the past months articles on celibacy and the celebrities that are celibate. I'm not quite celibate but I do think it's about time we included celibacy as a alternative lifestyle and not sexual perversion. I disagree with others who thought they were being left out of the subject we must keep open minds and expose ourselves to different expressions of self. I can understand closing open minds to things that are obscene but celibacy is most certainly not obscene unless I'm missing something!Yoland

Occupied Children motivated me to approach other means of keeping my easily bored son busy this summer and he's really enjoying himself. Next year I won't wait until he's out of school and I'm cramped for time I'll make arrangements early. Keisha

I'm a johnny come lately to this ezine. I'm impressed with the article on The Moral Protector it's right about parents being examples for their kids if they're to turn out decent human beings. Keep up the good work! Denise