Introducing Culture to Your Child
by Regena English

Have your son or daughter been exposed to other cultures?Introducing your children to different cultures will help them better accept the racial and ethnic differences within this global community we all must live. The world's not getting smaller geographically but due to the technological advancements international communities that once seemed so far away are now as close as our computers.

In order for children to surivive in this everchanging world parents must introduce them to new experiences. Trips to the library would be the best start. Check out books about foreign lands,religions, and cultures. Read with your child then afterwards review. Enroll your son or daughter in language,etiquette,dance or music classes to create new horizons for them. Make sure these classes aren't familiar to your child. When looking into a class for your little one check to see if they utilize external resources as teaching aids, for example field trips and films.

Child complaining about having nothing to do over the weekend? Let your bundle of joy help you create a savory food dish from a faraway place to give them a taste bud experience of that culture. Take them to the museum, most large communities have a variety to choose from so a trip to the museum once a month wouldn't be far fetched. Learning in front of your child would stimulate them in their educational endeavors, children observing parents being interested in obtaining new information and asking questions regarding the acquiring of knowledge motivates children to do the same.

Children tend to mimick their parents so show your children that learning is fun and a lifetime effort, in the mean time they'll be learning valuable human relations skills. A well-cultured child is the reflection of a well-cultured parent, so why not grow in knowledge together!








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