Don't Worry Be Happy

Don't Worry Be Happy Years ago there was a hit record entitled Don’t Worry Be Happy and everyone thought it was cute and the message a cliche’. In a undisciplined world of chaos,unhappiness, and mistrust we thought a song about ridding ourselves of needless worry was cute. The message it promoted is ageless and have always been preached but civilized cultures like the one we live in today have always scuffed at the simplisticities of life opting for a hurried and worried existence.If you’re ready to break that chain of destruction, that’s exactly what worry is, then here’s the seven ways to do so:
    1. You must fill your minds with thoughts of peace,courage,and hope.

    2. Don’t waste your time trying to get even with someone who has done you wrong. Try to find forgiveness for them in your hearts.

    3. Don’t worry about ingratitude expect it from those around you. Think of how memorable the show of gratitude will be when you do receive it.

    4. Focus on your blessings and not your heartaches, misfortunes, or obstacles.

    5. Your life shouldn’t be an imitation of others but rather one of self-invention to reflect your true self.

    6. Like the old saying goes,”when life hands you lemons make lemonade.” Don’t become overwhelmed by obstacles instead do what you can do and don't sweat the rest. Leave room to learn and benefit from those obstacles.

    7. Focusing on helping others will prevent you from focusing on your troubles thus giving them an opportunity to work themselves out without strife or worry on your part.

If you follow the Don’t Worry Be Happy seven rules your entire life will be transformed beyond your imagination. Simple reasoning but highly effective. Give yourself 21 days and put these rules to work for you.