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They're Leading The Way!!!!

Our elders are leading the way for spinster acceptance by openly acknowledging themselves as spinsters in a society that punishes for being different. There was a time women were banished for being unmarried at any age, regardless to the circumstance they were branded with the S word. For nearly a century that word has held women by the throats pressuring many to marry and live in hopeless and unhappy situations. Spinster elders know what it's like to run and hide whenever the marital question was raised and that's the reason for living openly for young Leather Spinsters to see that a woman can live a fulfilling life alone.

It was believed that the only reasons a woman remained single and celibate (in case of majority) was due to:

religious beliefs

unlucky at love

fear of intimacy

gay (lesbian)

Elder spinsters showed us that we didn't have to hide in any one of the societal reasonings to live and function in this society as unattached women, to be free to act on our desires. By example they showed us that choosing to be a Leather Spinster whether by conscience or nature we should offer no apologies for who we are, and be unaccepting of the labels our society/culture may place on us if they are not a reflection of our true selves.


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