by (c) 2001 Jay Conrad Levinson

Quite simply, marketing is absolutely every point of contact any part of your business has with any segment of the public. It's amazing how many people miss this vital concept.

Why should any contact with the public have only one purpose, when it can work double duty and serve multi-dimensional purposes? For example, in my Guerrilla Marketing courses, I show that business cards can be plain and straightforward for big-company executives -- but for the little guy, a business card should double as a brochure, a circular, or a wallet-sized advertisement. Think of business cards as advertisement for you or your company.

How do you apply this concept to Web marketing?

Marketing online can be like winking at people in the dark - you'll never catch their attention unless you "turn the lights on."

Wendy McClelland turned the lights on for her website publicity by putting her URL (web address) on EVERYTHING that left her office --T-shirts, fax cover sheets, stationery, press releases, and even her car were plastered with the web address. As a result, she logged over 4,000 registrations on her web guest book in the first 2 months and got tremendous local press coverage.

The point is, if you've gone to the trouble of developing a website to do yourself proud, it's worth the extra effort to promote it like crazy to your target market. A website can only be effective if it gets viewed by prospective clients. Here are 8 things you can do right now to utilize every possible point of contact to the max:

1. Put your Web address on your promotional materials -- business cards, letterhead, and brochures. Put it wherever you'd list your phone number, fax number or e-mail address. Add it to envelopes, invoices, catalogs, postcards, shopping bags and all directories in which you're listed.

2. Include your Web address in all your advertisements -- print, radio and television. Most people still find the idea of a home page a novel concept. If you rarely advertise, you may want to use traditional advertising to let clients and prospects know they can find you online.

3. Announce your new Website to targeted prospects and clients. Just as you'd notify potential and current clients of a change of address or staff hire, you can announce your new web page with a special mailer. Send formal announcements to your customer base and referral sources. But before you do this, make sure your web page is indeed up and running. It's bad PR to promote a web site that's still under construction.

4. Include website information on your voice mail. Let your clients on hold learn how to connect to your web site for pertinent information. Encourage the people who answer your phones to give your web address to every caller who identifies him or herself as an Internet user. Think of your website as a 24-hour answering service. Assure your callers that they can always phone your store or office for information, but let them know they now have a web alternative as well, open 24 hours every day.

5. Put your web address on store and office signs. Hang it on banners outside your building. Paint it on rooftops and company cars. Include it in interior signs throughout your store or office.

6. Create an Internet tip sheet. Since only a small portion of the world population is Internet savvy, there's a good chance that your prospects and clients know little or nothing about the online world. Create an Internet tip sheet and offer it free online so browsers and buyers know how helpful you are. Include your home page, web address and other simple online tips and guidelines.

7. Link your website with other websites. Not linking is not thinking. Referrals, an invaluable source of new clients, are the lifeblood of many small businesses. Similar to referrals, a recommendation of your products and services on another business's website is as good as gold. Link your site with sites of other companies that share your standards for quality products and customer service. Then ask them to do the same.

8. Share your website with others when you're networking online. Specialized newsgroups and forums can provide a ready-made audience for your products and services. As you converse one-on-one via e-mail, make sure you attach a four-line Internet signature that includes your website as well as your phone, cell phone, fax and e-mail address.

No matter how well designed, your site can't bring in new business until it gets seen. Since most people still spend the majority of their time in the real world, not the cyberworld, it's important to promote your site using a mixture of both traditional and online marketing techniques.

Jay Conrad Levinson is probably the most respected marketer in the world. He is the inventor of "Guerrilla Marketing" and is responsible for some of the most outrageous marketing campaigns in history -- including the "Marlboro Man" -- the most successful ad campaign in history. In his latest book, "Put Your Internet Marketing on Steroids" Jay reveals how you can use marketing steroids legally to make your business insanely profitable.


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