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Leather Spinsters on the Web Leather Spinsters on the Web
January 2000 issueIf Change is So Good, Then Why Do I Feel So Lousy?
By Anne Hibbard
Transitions are unsettling. Our culture places a premium on "having it all together." In the midst of transition, you are only normal if you find yourself struggling. Far from having it all together, you may feel like you're coming apart at the seams. At the very least, you are living with ambiguity.

Your Time To Prosper
By L. A. Smith
You need to establish a prosperous attitude. Surviving is not good enough. You need to establish a prosperous attitude.Concentrate on big ideas. This way you can squeeze more life out of life in our Modern society.

Houston the Space City
By Regena English
The city of Houston is a growing mecca of interesting and fun activities most cities wish they could provide.

Eat Fat For Health
by Cyndi Thomas

If you are struggling with weight, skin problems, hair loss, low- thyroid, arthritis, hypoglycemia, creaky joints....you need to increase your good fats. Those "good fats" will help you achieve "good health.

Ultimate Sin
I committed the ultimate sin as a Catholic by walking away from my religious calling. It was not until I left the convent did I learn of the many women who had left their religious callings to pursue the unlimited possibilities of life. Lay persons assume sisters who leave their orders do so to get married and start families but that is not always true.

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