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Leather Spinsters on the Web
April 2000 issueWoman of Inspiration:
Carol James
Leather spinster rolemodels. Single women have their own rolemodels, women who have joyous and fulfilling lives without spouses. These women are the epitome of "happily unmarried" and an inspiration to all who know them. Be inspired by their persistence to be the best they can be in a world built for couples.

The Role of Luck
By Niloufar Abedi
Are you waiting for LUCK to knock on your door? Do you dream that one day you might get the chance to live up to your dreams? Believe it or not, you create your own chances. When you combine goal-setting, risk-evaluation, action-plan, and action together, you can create your own luck and live up to all your dreams in life.

Ten Steps To A Powerful Life and Career'
Kathleen Spike
This article offers some proven practices to enhance your life and career results. Following these practices will expand your current reality. They will activate new learning and move you to elevate to your next level of success.

Single Women Secure Their Piece of the American Dream
By WRAL Online
More and more single women are becoming homeowners for the first time. Statistics show 57 percent of single women now own their own homes. Realtors attribute the increase to the good economy. Still, many women may not realize buying a home is within their reach. Realtors are finding ways to educate them.

Miss Grace Tower
Miss Grace Tower
You won't find a more sophisticated unique presentation..3 gold mesh boxes, tied with beautiful holiday wire ribbon. Includes an Original Lemon Cake, 18 Cookies (6 Chocolate Chip, 6 Lemon Pecan, 6 Peanut Butter), 4 mini-Loaves and 3 Brownie Bars. Offers 26-30 servings

One Woman's Journey

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