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Leather Spinsters on the Web
May 2000 issueSpiritual Instinct:
Staci Backauskas
Are we afraid of going beyond our comfort zones and pursue our dreams? If we took a chance on our dreams, would we know what to do? Is it possible to trust that our our spiritual instinct kicks in when we do what inspires us?

Where Do The Money Go?
By Niloufar Abedi
If you are like most of us, you have an idea of how much you are spending on your living expenses every month.and I can make a safe bet that your idea of how much you spend is considerably less than the amount of money it actually costs you to keep up with your life style.

Guerrilla Insight
Jay Conrad Levinson
Are you one of the many women running a business? Having a tough time competing with the pros?Get Guerrilla Insight! The first insight for you to absorb is that direct response marketing either works immediately or not at all. Unlike standard marketing which changes attitudes slowly and ultimately leads to a sale if you go about things right, guerrilla direct response marketing changes minds and attitudes instantly and leads to a sale instantly if you go about things right.

Do You Know Who You Are?
By Niloufar Abedi
In early childhood, you have observed the actions and attitudes of your role- models (parents, siblings, family, teachers) toward different situations in your environment and cultivated your own unique personality according to your assessment and interpretation of their behaviors in relation to your own needs and drives. These interactions have eventually formed into definite behavior that defines your personal characteristics.What type of characteristics describe you best? Introvert, Extrovert, Serious, whimsical, Considerate or Self- centered?

One Woman's Journey

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