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Leather Spinsters on the Web
September 2000 issueDo God Approve?
Regena English
Is leather spinsterhood a sin? Why are perpetually single women often victimized by their worship centers and do God approve of their lifestyle?

Ten Strategies Dieters Need To Know
By Dr. Maher
If you're one of the many women who are habitually dieting then you should know these little secrets for longlasting results without the damaging effects of fad diets

Turn Your Telephone Into A Recruiting Machine
Alison Turner
What does your phone look like? I know, it's as big as a Mac truck and it has teeth like Jaws, right? Put your phone in it's place: get it down to its proper size. Take another look at your phone - it's just another tool to help grow your business and it's made of plastic. Plastic MELTS! It's not omnipotent. Look closely; do you see any teeth? I thought not.

10 Areas of Abundance in Your Life Right Now
By Niloufar Abedi
Focusing on Abundance does something amazing: it brings an awareness of plenty in forms that we do not expect. Looking through this filter of abundance What type invites more abundance into your life. While it might sound strange, it works!

One Woman's Journey

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