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Leather Spinsters on the Web
This is the best time for being a single woman. We have the power to live according to our standards and values, we enjoy earning some of the highest wages for women ever, and we're in possessions of properties and opportunities women of the past could only dream about.

Today single women are taking full control over their minds, souls, and bodies not by accident but by deliberate acceptance of their responsibility to self. Gone are the days of underutilization of God given talents out of fear of how we look to others or whether we fall short of the accepted view of the world we live in.

Unfortunately, there are many unmarried women who simply can not find joy in being themselves. They've yet to discover they want for nothing materially but desire for much spiritually and mentally. This ezine covers topics to enrich their lives, no nonesense articles on dating and sex. Is it any wonder single women tend to have poor attitudes about themselves reading all the garbage that's aimed at them from respected publications? Here you will find serious articles with practical applications for vibrant living. Today is our day so lets celebrate it every waking moment!

October 2000 issueDo It Gradually
Rhoberta Shaler
Are you an "all-or-nothing" sort of person or can you do things gradually? When you reach a plateau after developing a high degree of skill, or after working intensely at something, it is often wise to drop back a little and allow for some ease.

Improving Nutrition
By Monica Resinger
There are so many choices available to us that it can be hard to keep nutrition in mind. A lot of what is offered in grocery stores is not nutritious at all and is only filling our bodies with unnecessary junk that either makes us fat or gives us other health problems. There are so many choices available to us that it can be hard to keep nutrition in mind.


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Goal Setting, Personal Growth and Achievement
By Julie Jordan Scott
Is there a connection between your achieving greatly and your ability to receive? Being able to receive It is about having a willingness to accept openly that which is being offered to you. Without accepting the opportunity as it is given to you, you will not be able to reach your highest heights.

Think Your Way To Success
Mary Anne Thomas
Are you putting too much effort into success? You are . . . if you're having problems achieving success. Is there a better way to achieve success, a way that is more effective than effort alone? There is!

12 Things To Ask Your Dentist
By Miriam Olsen
Miriam Olsen has been a dental technician for 19 years with the last 10 years running her own lab out of the house. Last year she created her own web site concentrating on dental information and has expanded to offer products and information on enhancing your beauty and life.

One Woman's Journey

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