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Leather Spinsters on the Web
The focus of this magazine is to showcase ideas and suggestions that will add more life and vitality to the lives of single women.

As single women we all too often give mediocre matters precedent over that which is more important, such as our spiritual and emotional needs.

In this issue you will learn how to see the beauty in life and other people, and you will learn how to live carefree as our Great Creator intended by saying goodbye to stress, strife, and worry.

This month in the publication just for you, you will find practical ways of feeding your mind, body, and spirit.

Make a change today from an ordinary to extraordinary life, the tools are all here use them!!

November 2000 issueAttraction, Personal Development
Julie Jordan Scott
Attraction, put quite simply, is that which draws together: people or objects, ideas, products, opportunities.. Many commonly held precepts are borne from this simple definition, such as "like attracts like" and "bird of a feather, flock together."

Careening Radicals Are Bouncing Around
By Lena Sanchez
Free radicals careen around wildly like unguided missiles, damaging everything they touch and causing a chain reaction of trauma. It is now well established that free radicals are a critical factor in many health problems, including hardening of the arteries, which can lead to conditions involving the heart, eyes and bone/joint health.

Results! Get Them With Mind-Body-Spirit
By Mary Anne Thomas
When we pray, we want our prayers to be quickly answered. When we finish writing a book, we expect to receive an offer from a publisher. Before we finish a painting, we want a commission for it. Is it normal to be so impatient? Yes! Impatience is the feeling you're supposed to have when you're ready to manifest.

Oh My God A Girl!
Debbie Jacobs
OH MY GOD A GIRL!"Such was the cry I was met with when I arrived to meet our group for a 5 day canoe trip down New Zealand's Wanganui River. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" a wary fellow in his 50's exclaimed. I assured him that since I knew a heck of lot more than he did, it was in his best interest to stick with me.

The Amazing Growth of Coaching!
Jay Levison
Every world champion has had a coach. Here's why the coaching industry growing is so fast and how it can make you a champion, too.


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