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August issueDo We Need Feminism Now?
By Rae Lyn
Exploration into why so many women don't identify with the feminist movement. Willingness to shed political correctness to explain why feminism don't appeal to all.

Chucking It All
By Regena English
Dorian was feed up with corporate America and was willing to trade her benefits and security to be on her own. Read how she did it. A home-based business giving the Big Boys of marketing something to worry about.

Houston the Space City
By Regena English
The city of Houston is a growing mecca of interesting and fun activities most cities wish they could provide.

Hormone Therapy by Sue Widemark
Weighing the pros and cons of hormonal therapy are the benefits worth the side effects and do you know all the facts.

Watkins Products

How could a young girl learn to pick up the pieces after learning her family didn't want her.The story of Eunice will pull the heartstrings of all who read it. An orphan needing a mother finds one in an unlikely person in 1960.

Target Barter
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Classic looks that never goes out of style from evening wear to casual dugs ; Outfits that will be fashionable now and in 10 years.

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