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September issueWedded to Self
By Regena English
Exploration into why women self marry. The strange phenonmena of making private vows in public, are these women exhibiting behaviors warranting therapy?

When They Say You Can't Know You Can
By Regena English
Goal setting is the key to achieving dreams. Dare to have Big Dreams and don't be sidelined by others saying you can't. The only limitations are those you place in your life.

Vancouver:Metropolitan Splender on the Waterfront'
By Regena English
A beautiful city on the Canadian west coast.The neatest city I know of with the sea and sailboats as the city's backdrop.

St.Mary Publlishing Company of Houston

End To Dieting
by Sue Widemark

Overcoming the need to diet. The shattering of the illusions all women can look like the supermodels by dieting get the facts.

Watkins Products

We're called the Harvesting Generation, the unappreciative generation with everything at its disposal. It's time to pay homage to our foreparents' and their sacrifices.

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St.Mary Publishing Company of Houston Advertiser

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