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October issueDealing with Shame
By Regena English
Why would a confident woman suddenly become ashamed of being herself? Why would questions regarding singleness and happiness cause women to take a defensive mode? Is it normal for single women to find shame for being single?

Your 12 Point Plan for Personal Success
by Stephan Iscoe
Success requires making a plan and sticking with it. It is simple but does require commitment.

Sedona:Mirage on the Mesa'
By Regena English
A visit to a community founded on New Age mysticism.The high energy pilgrimage site for New Agers .

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by Regena English

What are fibroids and why are doctors not offering women myomectomies? The possible causes of fibroids and the available treatment options. Know the facts!

Read how this single mom succeeded in a "untraditional" career exceeding her own expectations of herself.

Leather Spinsters Conference 2000
Let your voice be heard share your ideas for conference 2000.Conference 2000 Suggestions

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