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November issueMisunderstood
By Regena English
Understanding the importance of life insurance. Being fully responsible for oneself both in life and death.

By Regena English
Relaxation is the key to surviving and enjoying the holidays. Simple techniques that will help relieve stress so you can enjoy the holiday cheer.

Little Rock:Homefront for the President'

By Regena English
Little Rock an old fashioned town with big city allure. A friendly community on the Arkansas River.

Holiday Fitness
Want to stay fit during the holidays but don't have alot of free time? Simple weight training techniques that requires no more than ten minutes a day. Now you have no excuse to not working out!

Leather Spinsters Conference 2000
Let your voice be heard share your ideas for conference 2000.Conference 2000 Suggestions

Don't Keep Your Dreams in A Box
by Staci Backauskas

Taking a chance to achieve a dream. One woman's story on how she walked away from a six figure income to pursue her dream of being a writer.

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Finding Peace
by Doriece Watkins
People speak of peace but how many actually have it in their lives? Doriece divorced and over forty discovered a path to genuine happiness with herself. Let Doriece's story inspire you to seek peace in your life.

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