Black with silver metallic 100% cotton,
with cotton lining with 3 pockets inside
Size: 18" x 15"
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portraits at:


Bright pink, dark gray and silver
metallic color combination. 100%
cotton. Cotton lining inside with
3 pockets. Size: 18" x 15"
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and textile portraits at:


#3028 Labyrinth
Made from 100% cotton
Colors - Black and white
with silver thread. Black
cotton lining inside
Size:10" x 12.5"
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and textile portraits at:


Spinster Cap

"Leather Spinster" Baseball Cap

Made to be worn all year-round. Microfibers make this durable water resistant cap comfortable. Show your leather spinster pride with this casual headwear.

Cure those Aches and Pains, Naturally!
Do you suffer from Arthritis? Back Pain? Neck
or Joint Pain? Forget harmful drugs! Go for the
gold and copper of a Dealon Bracelet. Combining
the power of pure thermal copper with the beauty
and elegance of 22K gold, the Dealon Bracelet is
worn by everyone from athletes and tennis players
to golfers and grannies. For 26 years, our bracelet
has helped those in pain. See the Testimonials at
our web site! For your FREE Brochure Mailto: Come visit us and
see what we can do for YOU!


Bedford Fair ClothingBedford Fair Clothing
The simple dresses that will never go out of style. Can be worn to the office or out on the town. These dresses will be fashionable in 10 months or 10 years so they're worth the investment!Interested in purchasing either of these dresses call: 1-800-964-1000 or 1-800-945-1118 (TDD Service only). Dresses left to right are located on pages 37 and 44 of their Spring 99 catalog.



No wardrobe should be without these outfits. Worn at times when jeans and tshirts just won't do but you want to be casual. These classy clothes are from their Summer 1999 catalog. To order outfits call 1-800-554-9231. Clothes are from pages 21 and 24.

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