Eat Fat For Health

Eat Fat For Health

by Cyndi Thomas

About 6 years ago, I started having thyroid problems. How did I know? My morning temperature was always below normal, (normal waking temp. should be about 97.8) my skin was dry and flaky and my menstrual cycles had stopped. I was only 33 years old and no, I wasn't pregnant :- )

Although I enjoyed the break from that PMS know what that means don't you? Pretty Mad Spouse! I knew it wasn't healthy. I knew in the long run, I was looking at a more serious disease down the road. Something needed to be done.

So, I followed the advice I am always giving to others, (sometimes whether they want it or not) and made a few changes.

    The most important change was the addition of the essential fatty acids. I started eating more raw nuts, seeds, avocados, and making my salad dressing using flax oil.

The change was amazing. Within a few weeks, my skin cleared and become moist again, my temperature just kept rising week after week and my cycles regulated themselves to every 6 weeks, just like clockwork. (that has always been a normal cycle for me)

And a side benefit.....I lost weight. Doing absolutely nothing different as far as diet, I lost a few pounds I had been struggling with. As women, we tend to think of fat as the enemy. The wrong kind of fat is. The right kind brings you nothing but healing benefits. We should aim for 3-4 oz. of raw nuts or 1 avocado daily. The nuts must be raw. Cooked ones have that bad fat...the one that brings on clogged arteries and those lumps and bumps we all don't want.

If you are struggling with weight, skin problems, hair loss, low- thyroid, arthritis, hypoglycemia, creaky need to increase your good fats. Those "good fats" will help you achieve "good health"!


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