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Younger Women Vs Older Women
The Best time to be ALIVE!!!

February 2002 issueYounger Women Vs Older Women
Regena English

Tensions between older and younger women became evident on the January 11th Oprah Winfrey Show. Do older women have a valid reason for being disappointed with twenty and thirty-something women of today?

Revolver or Evolver
Regena English
There are two kinds of people on this planet, revolvers and evolvers. Which person are you? Spend this year discovering the vast frontier of your inner self, and you will find genuine joy for life and for being yourself.

cover cover
With These Books You Learn to:

    *Prevent and reverse premature aging
    *Eliminate pains including athritis,angina, and migrains
    *Cure asthma in a few days, naturally
    *Cure hypertension without medications
    *Lose weight effortlessly without strict dieting

No Kids? Whatcha Waiting For?
Regena English
Fifty years ago women in western society were stigmatized severly for unwed parenthood. Now, it's commonplace to see a woman choosing parenthood without a spouse. So why the assumption something is wrong when unmarried thirty-something women forgo motherhood?

June McHardy
You're fired... You're laid off... The business is closed...Oh Lord, what am I going to do now? How will I pay the rent? feed my family? pay the bills? DON'T PANIC!

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