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Divorced?Widowed?Never-married? Doesn't matter why you're single, are you looking to recreate your life? Go ahead work on your mind, body, soul, and yes your career. Check out our Career section!

February 2004 editionAsk for It!
Steve Goodier
Do you need help? It may be easier to get than you think. Just ask for it!

Clarify Your Goals
Edward B. Toupin
Defining your goals is the primary basis for success and fulfillment.

Are You Invisible?
Margaret Paul, PhD

If your feelings and needs are invisible to yourself they will end up being invisible to others.

Serenity Now!
Susie Michelle Cortright
Six tips that could bring serenity into your life.

Dumping Weight Loss
Susan James
Practice losing weight. You must apply some type of organized patterns for weightloss to happen.

Another Life
Edward B. Toupin
Faced with alot of challenges?Think the grass is greener for someone else? Think again, we all have challenges, we just have different classes of them.

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