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Knowing who they are brings forth peace of mind and comfort, it also gives them the desire to share their new found awareness of self with others. People who could appreciate their excitement of self-acceptance as happily single women, other women who have endured the ridicule and dumbfounded looks from strangers, friends, and family. No one wants to be an island so a need to know others that value their separateness rather than submit to societal demands to conform is desired. Spinster fellowship has increased with more women acknowledging their social diversity with the intent on living in a "roundabout fashion" (openly) for all to see. Unity with others that share a common belief makes for strength and agility in times of pressure from the greater society at hand.

No more secret rendevous at isolated locations and mouth covered whispers, these women are meeting in public places such as libraries, restaurants, taverns, coffee shops, parks, and so on with little care if they're suspect in their motives. The first thing outsiders assume when seeing a group of attractive, sophisticated women is they must be available for dates and relationships with the nearest man or secondly they're gay, both assumptions are false. The more leather spinsters make their presence known the more their image in the media and societal perceptions of them will change.

Being open about their lifestyle but not forcing others to accept them will help future generations of women that don't see committed relationships, intimacy, and marriage as belonging on their priority list. It will give them another option from which to choose without the same cultural bashing experienced by spinsters of past and present. Unlike other groups, leather spinsters refuse to force others to accept them, their ultimate goal is to be happy living as they please, it is believed that with time and visibility more women will find solace in knowing they belong somewhere other than committed relationships and marriage.

It must also be stated that leather spinsters tend to be of the thought that all future options should be left open, so if the desire to add new dimensions to their living arrangements should arise they're not locked into decisions made in the past.


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