You have probably repeatedly heard, "Be all you can be!" How much is that? Do you have any idea? Do you have any idea of how much you want it to be?

Platitudes are great. We throw them out and we think we have said something of great and profound importance. You might think that you have just divulged your heartfelt philosophy. You likely have, however, without pinning down their meaning for you and clarifying the actions you must take, they simply assuage your conscience. Ooooh! That might be hard to hear!

Let's start with my favorite book, the dictionary. It says a platitude is 'the quality or state of being dull or insipid', and, 'a banal, trite or stale remark'. It's something said to state the obvious or appear knowledgeable. Something general enough for everyone to have heard and agree to with no call to action. Let's not let, "Be all you can be!" become a platitude.

You decide what it means to you. In marketing terms, that would be your positioning, your description of how you identify yourself. In 'Get What You Deserve', Jay Levinson, marketing guru, says, "You must choose a position you can live with, a position you can be proud of, a position you can deliver." Tall order! Are you ready?

Be all you can be! Let's not let it become a pressure either, some elusive statement that leaves you perpetually feeling 'not good enough'. What is it, then? It's a call to choose as well as to act.

Choose three things that you would really like to give your best to. They might be your primary relationship, your children, your career, your health, or your spiritual life. Now, write six words to describe your ideal self in those areas. For example, in my life with my husband, I would use these words: trustworthy, respectful, loving, responsive, fun and available.

These are my chosen 'positions'. Next step, set some measurable goals for this relationship. For instance: I spend at least one hour a day talking with my husband. I listen carefully to him and ask questions until I fully understand his position, needs, concerns. I find ways to surprise him that let him know how much I love him. I have stated both my position and my marketing plan. Then, follow through. Simple, not always easy, but always rewarding!

When you care enough to make a plan, you're way ahead of the game. When you teach yourself to follow-through, you'll have a winning attitude. Make this a habit and you'll find out how much you are!

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