What Can You Do With An Idea?

What Can You Do With An Idea?
by Maria Marsala

How many great ideas do you have in a day and never realize? Sometimes the difference between "having an idea" and turning that idea into our reality... is to have a plan. Below are some steps to take the next time you have a great idea or want to live a dream!


Identify your wonderful idea!
Then ask yourself these questions... Is this idea in line with what my values are? Why would doing "this" be important to me? Would completing this idea bring a smile to my heart? Create a vision around the idea by asking "What does this idea look like as part of my life?"

Develop your idea!
List of steps you can take to see that idea through to it's end. Do=20 whatever research, talking, meeting etc. needs to be done for your idea to take place. If you start feeling fearful regarding the idea, write a "fears list". Then work to find solutions to each one of those fears. Evolve yourself and your idea by asking supportive people "how they would develop your idea if it was their idea".

Effort is what your idea will take!
Keep focused on the idea and don't try to control it. If you control it, you won't notice the messages the universe is giving you about making adjustments to your idea. Sometimes one idea, leads to an end result you never thought was possible.

Walk through the steps you've designed, remembering that you don't have to do it alone. Ask or pay for any assistance you require. Remember that some times you'll take a few steps back so that you can grow "through" the problems and end up jumping ahead to the solution. So take steps back...re-group... go back to the 3 questions in the idea section of this article. Get more support, add more areas to your plan, etc. And keep yourself looking straight ahead.

Achieve it!
You've taken your idea and put it into action. You're learned more about you and the world. You've achieved a dream! Go celebrate.

2001 Maria Marsala.

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