Is Your Brain Making You A Winner . . . Or A Loser?

Is Your Brain Making You A Winner . . . Or A Loser?
Written by Jan Tincher Forest City, Iowa
Tame Your Brain

Your brain can make you a winner or a loser! It just depends on what your mind has told it. Would you like to change your mind? OK. Here's how we're going to do it. You will be visualizing, so get comfortable.

Please put your hand on that soft little spot in the middle of your shoulder. Press down a little to give the impression something is there.

Now, imagine your brain sitting on that little indentation. Give it a face, preferably yours, and let it look around. Now, put ears on it. Let it hear. But here's the clincher. Only let it hear what you are thinking, and of course it will only see what you are seeing.

OK, think about your problem. Here are some thoughts you might be thinking. The thoughts start out with *I can't do it.* Or, *I'm too dumb/smart.* Or, *People won't like me.* Or, *I'm too rich/poor.* Or, *I'm too fat/skinny.* Or *I'm too tall/short.* Or, *I'm too ugly/cute.* Or, *I procrastinate all the time.* Or, *I'm an accident waiting to happen.* Or, *This will never succeed.*

Now, let's just work with *stupid* for a minute.

We're going to give your brain the ability to attract things.. *Which it already has by the way.* It actually attracts things to you, much like a magnet. So imagine putting a magnet on your brain's forehead. This magnet doesn't attract metals, it attracts *like* thoughts, thoughts just like yours. Therefore, if you are feeling stupid, what are you attracting? People with thoughts like yours. They think they feel too stupid or whatever, too.

You are also attracting situations where you can look stupid, feel stupid, be stupid. Why? Because you've spent most of your lifetime telling your brain that you ARE stupid. It's spent most of your lifetime making you RIGHT.

Your brain wants you to succeed in whatever you do. It, however, only knows what you tell it. It only really hears your thoughts. If you've spent a lifetime thinking you are stupid, therefore telling it you are stupid, it spent it's lifetime making you right.

If you've spent a lifetime telling it you are an accident ready to happen, it's spent a lifetime making you right.

If you've spent a lifetime telling it you are too fat, it's spent a lifetime making you right.

If you've spent a lifetime telling it people don't like you, it's spent a lifetime making you right.

If you've spent a lifetime telling it you are always broke, it's spent a lifetime making you right.

Now, here's how we change that. Are you ready? I mean, really, are you ready? If so, prepare to learn, prepare to change your life around.

If one of those negative thoughts come, we yell *Cancel, cancel!* as loud as we can.

*Well, actually, if we are in church or somewhere that action will embarrass us, we yell out loud in our head. Remember, our brains do not know the difference between real and vividly imagined!*

Then, immediately think good thoughts. Here's a favorite, *Every day in every way I am better, better, and better!* Say it continually until that old thought of stupid is gone.

The next time it comes around do the exact same thing, until it never comes around again. If you don't have that thought, you don't attract that type of person or that type of situation. You have begun the CHANGE. Congratulations. You have just taken charge of your thoughts, therefore, you have taken charge of your life.

Jan Tincher is a Hypnotherapist and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. She writes a free weekly e-zine called *Tame Your Brain*. If you would like to contact her, please feel free to e-mail her at

Copyright 2000, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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