January 2000 Comments

January 2000 Comments

Hello, my name's Pam, and I'm from Scotland, this is my first day on-line(ever!), and I have been searching all day for signs of women like me, hoping to make some kind of contact. I haven't got my own Email address as yet, but I just wanted to say thanks, your web site did exactly what you intended it to do for me, it made me feel less alone on line, and as if there are others like me about! Thanks again, and I'll pay another visit to you in the near future- right now, I'm off into the Web with renewed vigour.

I'm so happy to know there is a site for women I can go without someone telling me I am abnormal because I do not have a boyfriend.Veronica

Years ago I was a serious student of the science of mind and your article on Understanding the Laws of Success was right on the money. Since reading that article I have started to reapply those prinicples back into my life. It has only been a month but I can tell a difference in my life thank you for reaffirming what I already knew.Theresa

The prinicples outlined in Understanding the Laws of Success are so simple and easy to understand. My New Year's resolution will be to follow the instructions in the article without any unreal expectations. I will keep you up to date with the outcome.Felicia

I found the Meditation section of the ezine to be especially helpful during the holidays. With working overtime and Christmas shopping, cooking, and settling arguments between my bored three kids I thought I would drop dead but the meditation helped me to focus. I made it through the chaos and I owe it to the meditation.Denise