Leather Spinsters Newsletter January 2001 Edition

Happy New Year

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Happy and Single??
Recently a few readers of The Leather Spinsters Newsletter and participants on the leather spinsters discussion board were interviewed by *Barbara Brotman of The Chicago Tribune.

They were asked about happiness as single women and whether or not they agreed with the notion of women being happiest married.

I find it odd but yet not surprising how women are faced with such stereotyping. Have you seen any books saying the same about men,all men are better off married, which science has proven the majority of married men live longer and are happier?

No because men wouldn't buy the notion as fact, women do because they've been conditioned to believe they must have a husband to feel important and valuable to this world.

Oh don't get me wrong, I think being in love with a man can be beautiful but.....making a blanket statement the only way a woman could be happy is to be married is nonesense. Life without a husband can be beautiful too just ask those who are genuine in their happiness, it's all in how you perceive the meaning of the terms joy and happiness.

A tv minister contacted me today revealing a part of her life few know. She has found joy and happiness being her own person, single person at that. She's learned over the past 41 years as a unmarried person joy and happiness can be had by everyone including single women!

If you're letting society or even your own hangups about your marital status keep you from experiencing happiness and joy, SHAME on you. According to Psalms 118:24, all of us are to awake each day rejoicing and feeling blessed. You can't rejoice nor feel blessed if you're feeling "less than" or like a failure because you lack a spouse.

To all those women who would rather cry themselves to sleep at night for not having a husband, to each their own. We all have the God given right to choose our own paths, right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad. So why would you choose an existence that brings no joy, peace, or tranquility?

Remember, if marriage is your desire then get right with yourself. When you're happy with yourself you will be able to generate happiness for others, thus attracting potential spouses who shares your disposition.

*Article can be found at http://leatherspinsters.com/chicagotribune.html under the title of Happily Unmarried.

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The Price is Right, Now What?

If you're like many single women today you're finding the possibilities of homeownership appealing and within reach. There's never been a time better than now to pursue your own little nesting site, with financial institutions aggressively competiting with one another, lower financing rates, accessible financing options (something our parents wish they had years ago), and a plentitude of new and used homes to choose from in practically every major metropolitan area . Ok, you've decided to buy yourself a home, now what?

First make a list of all the amenities (fireplace, three bedroom, two baths, sunroom, etc,,), desired location, the amount of money you're willing to pay down, the overall cost of house, and how many years you're willing to dedicate to pay this large investment off. Now the search begins, get a newspaper and locate all the properties having the amenities, price, and location you desire. Make appointments to speak with individuals representing the real estate and get specifics on property, neighborhood (civic club/deed restrictions), schools (if you are a parent), financing, and any other information you will need to make your decision. Don't be afraid to ask for more information, after all this will most likely be the largest investment you will will ever make.

*Like what see and want to make an offer?
Go to the realtor of the property you would like to purchase and let it be known you would like to make an offer. It's common practice to put up earnest money, this is done to show how serious you are about purchasing the property. Don't worry, this is escrow funds therefore if the deal goes through this money will be used towards the down payment on the property. Your representative will present your offer to the sellers' agent and will try to negotiate the best contract for you. The offer will either be accepted by the seller, rejected by the seller, or you will get a counter offer from the seller. The offer is accepted and in most States, your contract will include an attorney approval clause.

While you're waiting be sure to arrange for your own home inspection by a professional who can identify potential problems before actual purchase of property. Also expect a visit to the property by the mortgage company's appraiser once your application has been completed.This appraiser will determine if the property is worth the seller's asking price and the fair market value. If you have already been approved for a mortgage and the appraiser's results shows the home is worth the asking price, you should be ready to close.

You'll be told how much money to bring to closing (a cashier's check or a certified check). Schedule another viewing before closing to make certain any requested repairs have been made and the home is in prime condition. You need to have a one year paid insurance policy on the property your buying to cover any unexpected turn of events like fire, floods, etc,,. Your escrow representative will explain the documents details as you sign them.

*Food for thought
Inquire early in the process about any warranties on the property, especially if the property has sustained any recent home repairs or newly built. Read the fine print, just as with auto warranties you need to know what it covers and what will void it. Example, my sister and her husband moved into their newly built FHA home a couple months ago, it wasn't until they endured their first rainstorm they realized the backyard wasn't leveled. Rain water flowed downward towards the house, having this problem beyond a certain point in the ownership would've voided the warranty.

You guessed it, my sister and brother-in-law would've had to pay from their pockets the costs of repairs. The company that issued the warranty instructed the builder to make corrections or be faced with a steep fine plus labor costs if it failed to make the needed corrections within a given amount of time. Had my family members not read their warranty and became familiar with it's regulations the possibilities of them having a rude awakening years down the road would've been great. Read, read, read all paperwork associated with your new habitat. Your home should be a place of peace and tranquility not a money pit.

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    Spinster Letters

    This article caught my eye for several reasons. First of all I know someone who is going through a divorce and just tried to end her life. Fortunately she did not succeed.

    Second I am a single person (previously married) who is trying to let go of the attachment to an ex-spouse after 8 years who I believe I still care for. There is much to be said to being alone with yourself and discovering ways to appreciate who you are and truly what you have to offer the world.

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