Leather Spinsters Newsletter January 2002 Edition

Leather Spinsters Newsletter January 2002 Edition

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    Is Equality Possible for Women?
    New Year's Resolutions

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Is Equality Possible for Women?

";...there will never be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers." - Susan B. Anthony, The Arena (1897).

When I first read the above quote from Susan B. Anthony my immediate response to myself was one of a twist. Women will never see equality in its purest form until they can grasp and feel comfortable with it mentally.

Looking to laws and lawmakers for our individual equality is a waste of time, equality and fairness is based on personal definitions. We, as women, spend to much time waiting for someone to rescue us from what we perceive as wrong, neglect, or unfairness.

I can't help but wonder what if Susan and her proteges made it their mission to transform the way women valued themselves would the modern woman know equality?

Unfortunately Susan B. Anthony and so many women leaders after her focused all their energies on passing laws and forcing the powers that be to give them their worth, when all along their worth was waiting within them to be recognized.

Now more than ever, women need to see that equality and fairness is not about laws but about us and how we perceive ourselves. If we don't value ourselves and know we have the power to shape our lives we will continue walking the same paths as before which lead us to feeling ignored, neglected, and misunderstood.

Are laws and lawmakers useless? No it's not my intention to makes such a statement because they have their purpose, but, to rely on them as your salvation is a mistake. People go into government with bright ideas on how they will ease the suffering by making laws that would end unfairness and biases of its citizens.

They soon discover that's not how government operates, it can't honor everyone's perceptions of what is fair and equal so a generalization in laws take place. Generalization in its own right can bring forth unfairness so the best thing for people is to look within themselves for answers.

Women of the future will be doing one of three things, living and suffering in silence, will be saying and doing as their foremothers, or they will have an intimate understanding of their own perceptions of what is fair and equal for them as individuals.

by Regena English

Read Michael Bell's "An Asexual" story and take survey.


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Excellent newsletter! This provoked some thoughts:

    "I happen to know quite a few single women, unfortunately, only a few don't buy into the "poor, poor me" mentality. Apparently these women understand the dynamics of attitude, those things you accept as true will be permitted to express themselves outwardly."(excerpt from Single Equals Insecurity)

You and I have both been there and we are single BY CONSCIOUS CHOICE. It has to be very different for someone who has never been given a choice. I do not know how to relate to them for I have never walked in their shoes. I know they need to know deep in their soul the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the street. I do not know how to convey it.Jane

I'm not 80, only 68 but I'm happy, too -- in fact, I think I may be happier than I've ever been before -- think it has to do with having more freedom than I've ever had before. Hail Regena!And all her Sisters!Jean

I loved this article (Living With Joyfulness). I wish I had talked to this 80 y/o spinster earlier in life. She is right about time wasted being envious and stressing over romance or lack there of instead of being happy in the moment. Good one.Gayle

New Year Resolutions
Just so you know there are many paths one can take to meet their weightloss and fitness goals for this year. Below is just one of the paths available.

Getting in shape and losing weight has been the most popular New Years Resolution since they invented the calendar. The busiest month for new memberships in any health club is always January. If you page through any newspaper during the holiday season, you are bound to see several advertisements which capitalize on the New Years Resolution obsession.

Sad Fact: 84% of the people who make this promise never follow through!

Why? Because the majority of the people that make this promise have not truly made the decision to get in shape.

Making The Decision

It took me over nine years to finally make the decision. I was sick and tired of the way I looked and felt, and the negative effects that being obese was having on my life. Simple everyday things like tying my shoes or climbing a flight of stairs, were suddenly a challenge.

Getting in shape has a positive ripple effect into every aspect of your life. When you look better, you feel better about yourself. Your self-esteem and sense of dignity improve, your relationships improve, you will have more energy and motivation than you know what to do with. Most important, your health returns and your quality of life improves. There is nothing more important than your health: ignore it, and it will go away.

Do you want to get in shape, or do you need to get in shape. There is a big difference. You have to need to get in shape. It has to be your #1 priority. Get obsessed!

Who is the most important person in your life? Imagine they are kidnapped, and the ransom note addressed to you reads, "You have 6 months to get in shape, if you don't, you will never see your loved one again!"

If you knew you were locked in a room with only 20 minutes of oxygen left, you wouldn't walk over and try the door once and give up. Heck no! They'd find me slumped over in front of the door with no finger nails left!

It is amazing the feats you can accomplish if you need to. Do you want to get in shape, or do you need to?

10 Tips For Lifelong Weight Management

You must respect the power that your eating and exercise habits have on your health and appearance. Here are ten tips which will help you with lifelong weight management and improving your health.

    1. Eat Breakfast: necessary to jump start your metabolism
    2. Smaller Main Meals: less stress on the digestive system
    3. Small Snack: keeps your metabolism in high gear
    4. Portion Control: it may not be what you're eating, but more likely how much
    5. Eat more fruits and vegetables: loaded with stomach filling, non-digested fiber
    6. Eat when your hungry: not for other reasons; stress, boredom, anger, etc.
    7. Don't focus on the scale: muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less space
    8. Don't deprive yourself: taste your favorite "treats" on occasion
    9. Exercise: remarkably speeds up your metabolism and weight loss
    10. Visualize Success: see yourself healthy and happy with your appearance
Other Strategies

Some people manage to stay thin in a fattening world. You can behave different from the norm if it's really important for your health. Tobacco use has significantly decreased in the last four decades, and so has the instance of several forms of Cancer. Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease are preventable in many cases also - this means eating less and more wisely, and exercising more.

Avoid eating calorie dense foods. If you give people food that packs a lot of calories into a small portion, they will ingest more calories. Fatty foods, sweets and other refined carbohydrates will add those unwanted pounds. You can eat a McDonald's Big Mac in about 5 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes before your satiety hormones kick in and make you feel full. You can actually consume fewer calories eating 30 minutes of low fat, high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables, than five minutes at McDonalds!

Restaurants serve large portions of foods that are calorie dense. This may explain why people who eat out more are more likely to be overweight. Avoiding dishes that are fried or laden with cheese can help you trim hundreds of calories from a meal . Broiled or grilled seafood, chicken or beef with vegetables is a great healthy solution.


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