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January 2003 issueThings Will Be Different?
Regena English
It's time to begin again. For tens of millions of people the month of January is the month of resolutions, by the middle of February more than three quarters of those pledging New Year's Resolutions the month before would have already given up on ever achieving them. Will things be different for you this year?

Where Will You Be
Merlyn Sanchez
The new year brings with it the promise of a clean slate and we make resolutions for something better, something brighter and something more than we accomplished in the past year.

The Truth About Weightloss
Dr. Robert Osgoodby

If you stick with just about any weightloss diet you will lose weight. The lack of knowledge on how to correctly lose weight and burn fat is the reason most people are not successful keeping the weight off long-term.

Resolutions--Define Your Intent
Miami Phillips
Most articles on resolutions are thinly disguised methods to not succeed with your resolutions yet again. Learn how to make resolutions you can achieve.

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