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Stop wishing for change, live the change
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No Resolutions Just Believe

Well here we are again another new year and dealing with resolutions. I would like to take this time and urge you to not make resolutions this year, no instead take a long look at your life. Do you like what you see in your relationships, career, finances, health, esteem? Most importantly are you happy?

Now that you have looked at your life, what would you like to change? It does not matter what changes you would like to appear in your life the only way to attain them lies in one step, do you know what that step is? Believe.

Yes I know what many may be thinking, but, the fact is what you believe about yourself and the various circumstances surrounding you will determine the outcome. Psychologists have been saying this all along, now scientists, more specially Quantum Physicists are agreeing.

The mere meaning of the word believe is to have confidence or faith in the truth or the reliability of something without absolute proof. Now think for a moment before you find reasons as to why those things you desire to change can not possibly happen in your life.

All of us have a belief certain things will occur each and everyday, for instance when we flipped the switch on the walls of our homes. We expect the lights to come on or some appliance to start working. When your car runs out of gas do you blindly believe that the gas station actually have gas? Of course you do, recently some consumers discovered they filled their cars with something that smelled like gas but wasn't.

So my question to you is why is it hard for you to believe you can have those changes you desire when you can believe in all those other things? A woman once wrote me saying each year she make the resolution to be happy alone and each year she fails.

My response to this woman was long but I will shorten it for the sake of time, BELIEVE HAPPINESS INTO BEING. Again believe, you believe alot of things will occur each day so why not believe (invest) in yourself? In her case believe in her happiness.

This year can be different in an almost magical sense, or it can be like last year repeating itself. No change is possible or longlasting without first believing in the change. I'm encouraging you to stop wishing on a star with resolutions and believe ceaselessly for those things you desire to happen in your life.


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