Making Caps For Kids: A Community Effort Sponsors Warm Caps For Kids!

EPCaps4Kids 2001, an international project, is brand new and sponsored by and Joan Bramsch. EPCaps4Kids will provide at least 500 caps for children, age 18 months to 18 years, to be distributed through recognized charitable organizations in America and around the world.

Bought caps are welcomed; however, the primary goal is to provide caps knit or crocheted by EPCaps4Kids members. To that end the group will also act as a clearing house, matching leftover yarns with willing makers. Individuals and groups are welcomed -- Seniors, Scouts and other young people's organizations, Grade and High school Community Service clubs, Craft clubs and especially Families, are welcome, as well as, Yarn Shops and their club members.

Parents are encouraged to use this opportunity to spend quality time during the coming months before December, to teach your child to knit or crochet so you can also teach your child the goodness of giving. Not by buying something and giving it, but actually creating a gift from the Heart to give to another child who is not so fortunate to have a warm cap. Peer to Peer giving. A parent's time given patiently to the child as s/he learns is a Priceless Gift.

Learning to knit or crochet is an excellent perceptual-motor exercise, too. Fine motor skills can always be improved, and is especially helpful for young boys, as well as, girls.


EPCaps4Kids Coordinator: Marcie Cumberland.


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